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Have you ever found yourself thinking the worst? Like thinking ‘worst case scenario’? When I ask clients why they do this, their answer varies from ‘at least then I won’t be disappointed when the worst happens’ to ‘I will be prepared if something doesn’t go right or to plan’. I also find

Did you know that when you learn to forgive and forget, you actually raise your happiness levels? In fact science has shown that when you forgive you lower your blood pressure, lower the cortisol levels in your body (the stress hormone), you increase your pain threshold and also reduce depression. Why is

I am often asked ‘does hypnosis really work?. Many peoples perception of hypnosis is swinging pendulums or Derren Brown! But the truth is you go into a hypnotic trance many times throughout the day. There are different types of trance state and they all involve a focus of attention, either

Tappers keep on tapping….that’s the latest advert from Santander staring Jessica Ennis using the newest way to pay for goods on line. I had a huge smile across my face when I saw the slogan ‘tappers keep on tapping’ because to me, it meant something completely different. Tapping in my world is