Are You An Overthinker?

Do you often find yourself overthinking? Worrying about situations in your life? Analysing in a bid to work something out? If you resonate with this,

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EFT Tapping Therapy

How anxiety affects you

‘How anxiety affects you’; ‘What anxiety disorder do I have’ and ‘Will anxiety go away’ are some of the biggest search terms on the internet.

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How to Master Your Mind

Ever noticed how when you’re feeling happy, excited, annoyed, frustrated, relaxed or any other kind of emotion, you’re always looking outside of yourself to pin

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Does self sabotage exist?

Unlocking Your Potential: Overcoming Self-Sabotage with Coaching How often have you found yourself trapped in a cycle of self-sabotage, despite your best intentions? It’s a

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My 2022 Life Lessons

This time of year I enjoy sitting down with the journals I’ve kept over the last 12 months and capturing the insights that have flowed

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