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About Sara Maude Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh | About Sara Maude

I wish I had known then what I know now!

My journey into the world of work started with my degree in Human Resource Management. I was always very clear that I wanted to work in HR and I followed that career pathway for over 10 years, working for organisations like British Airways Holidays, Virgin Atlantic, De Vere Hotels, GMTV, NHS and Debenhams.

When clients, like you, tell me about the pressures of ‘working life’, the constant need to do more with less, worries about being judged by your peers, fears that you aren’t performing and feeling like an imposter in your job…I understand.

I spent many years feeling the need to prove myself, giving myself a hard time if I dropped a ball, and holding onto a belief that I had to be perfect. It was exhausting!

That was until 7 years ago when my journey took me on a new pathway. I started studying solution focused psychotherapy and hypnotherapy because it seemed like an interesting topic, and I wanted to use my free time more productively.

However it was during this period that I had a major light bulb moment. I gained the insight of how the mind, brain and body are programmed and how these programmes affect your everyday thinking, feeling and behaviour. More excitingly, I saw how easy it was to unpick this using hypnosis, and rewire your responses to ones that supported you, instead of working against you.

I felt like I had found a new religion! Spurred on by my newfound knowledge I made a massive leap of faith, left behind my HR career and set up my own private practice. Learning how to run a business came with it’s own set of challenges giving me plenty of opportunities to work on my own mindset!

Fast forward 7 years and I have created 2 private practices, one in Brighton and one in Edinburgh, studied EFT level 1, 2 and 3 and trained in Matrix Reimprinting. I have also launched The Mind Solution, an international health and wellbeing training company that equips the employees of organisations, such as RBS, Diagio, The British Council, Camelot Global and The Crown Estate with the knowledge and tools of how to thrive in the 21st Century.

As you can read in the reviews, clients frequently describe how instantly at ease they feel in my presence.

Equally they also describe how I have a knack of getting to the root of problems very quickly.

Discover how the powerful blend of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, tapping and Matrix Re imprinting will transform you and your life by booking your complementary private consultation today.


to make your appointment call 07738 672 291