My journey into the world of work started with a degree in Human Resource Management. During my HR career spanning 10 years I worked for organisations including British Airways Holidays, Virgin Atlantic, De Vere Hotels, GMTV, NHS and Debenhams and trust me I had no plans on doing what I do now!

I love working with professionals because I totally understand you when you tell me about the pressures of working life, office politics, fears about presenting, worries about being judged by your peers, anxiety that you aren’t performing and feeling like an imposter in your job.

I spent years feeling the need to prove myself, giving myself a hard time if I dropped a ball, and holding onto a belief that I had to be perfect. It was exhausting!

That was until my journey took me on a new pathway!

I was curious about the human mind and decided to study Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. I figured that would support my HR career. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next!

Keen to practice my new found hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping skills I started to work on anyone I could get my hands on! I was hypnotising people at work who needed help!

I’d been taught about the power of hypnosis but as the saying goes, words don’t teach. 

I was blown away as I watched trauma melt away in people, confidence reappear, fears about public speaking vanish and skin conditions heal – all this and I was still a trainee!

In my heart, I knew I had to leave behind my HR career and become a hypnotherapist out in the real world.


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Fast forward 12 years and I have held around 10,000 one to one sessions with people and now specialise in anxiety treatment and giving people the right anxiety help.

I also founded a global mental health training company, The Mind Solution International Ltd.

Delivering wellbeing and mental health training to organisations including Diageo, RBS, The Crown Estate, Interactive Investor and many more. You you can be sure to be in safe, capable hands!

As you will read in the testimonials, and video testimonials clients frequently describe me as warm, funny (very important to have a sense of humour!) with a knack to getting to the root of the problem quickly and effectively.



Are you ready to find freedom from anxiety?