My journey into the world of work started with a degree in Human Resource Management. During this career spanning 10 years I worked for organisations including British Airways Holidays, Virgin Atlantic, De Vere Hotels, GMTV, NHS and Debenhams.

Therefore when clients, like you, tell me about the pressures of ‘working life’, the constant need to do more with less, worries about being judged by your peers, fears that you aren’t performing and feeling like an imposter in your job…I understand!

I too spent many years feeling the need to prove myself, giving myself a hard time if I dropped a ball, and holding onto a belief that I had to be perfect. It was exhausting!

That was until 9 years ago when my journey took me on a new pathway…

Having began to study Solution Focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, I had what I call my ‘light bulb moment 💡!’.

I recognised if people, like you, gained the knowledge of how the mind, brain and body work and help you to understand how these unconscious programmes affect your everyday experiences, you could begin to create long lasting positive change. 

Powerful modalities such as Hypnosis, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and MAP make it easy, pain free and quick to achieve your goals.  You will change the way you think about therapy forever!


Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Fast forward 9 years and I have created 2 private practices and a global corporate training company called The Mind Solution.

Delivery wellbeing and mental health training to organisations including Diageo, RBS, The Crown Estate, Interactive Investor and many more, you can be sure to be in safe, capable hands.

As you will read in the testimonials, and video testimonials clients frequently describe me as warm, funny (very important to have a sense of humour!) with a knack to getting to the root of the problem quickly and effectively.


meet the team!

meet jan - The Work/Life Balance Specialist

I’ve always been interested in personal development and how our minds work. As well as over 26 years’ experience delivering projects in financial services, I’ve supported and mentored hundreds of people over the years, focusing on developing a positive mind-set, building resilience and increasing confidence.

​Having qualified in hypnotherapy and coaching, accredited by the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP, I left the corporate world in 2017 to focus on helping people make positive changes, to really believe in themselves and let go of beliefs and fears that can hold them back.

meet andy - The Addiction and Weight Loss Specialist

With 20 years experience, specialising in addiction, Andy uses a powerful blend of coaching; NLP; clinical hypnotherapy and counselling to help you overcome addiction.  If you need someone highly capable to set you free from alcohol, cocaine, gambling, gaming then Andy is your man!

Andy also works wonders with weight loss enabling you to develop a healthy relationship with body – and learn to love yourself and your body.

Andy is currently seeing clients face to face and via Zoom.

Meet Nicky - The Mental health specialist

Nicky has over 20 years of mental health therapy and training delivery. As an Emotional Freedom Technique Trainer, advanced EFT Practitioner, Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Hypnotherapist Nicky is passionate about supporting people to thrive and to find the perfect balance personally and professionally. With a warm, enthusiastic and encouraging style, Nicky brings an in depth evidence based approach to how our minds and bodies work together – the perfect therapist if you are need help with your mental health.