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Powerful Hypnosis For Health Anxiety To Transform Your Health

Before seeing Sara I’d been brought to my knees by a series of bereavements and health issues, and six months on still felt a shadow of my former self. I needed someone to support me in getting my sparkle back. The sessions were nothing short of mind-blowing. Each time Sara seemed to sense what I needed to offload, and she was extremely sensitive to my emotions, which had been bottled up for years. I went to the first session feeling exhausted, anxious, flat and suffering from flashbacks. By the final session a few weeks later we were tapping on my dreams of a new career. I could soon feel the old ‘me’ returning, was sleeping well and no longer woke up in a state of panic.  If you want to change your life around quickly, with someone who really knows her stuff, I can’t recommend Sara highly enough.


I went to Sara to help clear out some stuck emotions which I felt could be contributing to my problems conceiving. Sara was able to help me clear out stuck emotions dating back to my childhood as well as more recent beliefs about my body not being effective. Leaving these sessions I experienced short-term bodily aches and pains (as the negative energy was leaving), and felt weightless and much more positive. I am sure these sessions contributed to my subsequent pregnancy a few months later.

– Kate

When I first went to see Sara I was a complete mess and didn’t know which way to turn. I was on medication for my depression which just wasn’t helping, Sara helped me to gain the strength to come off these for good and taught me useful tools to fight against these horrible feelings I was getting. A few days after my initial consultation I felt something had shifted in my way of thinking, it’s hard to explain but I just felt alive again. She is such a caring person and she instantly puts you at ease. I know that what Sara has taught me will remain with me so that I can have a happy healthy life.

What is Health Anxiety?

Health Anxiety is an anxiety disorder experienced as intrusive thoughts about health, illness and death. This is often linked with repetitive behaviour, similar to OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour).

People who develop health anxiety (also known as hypochondria) have a deep fear of serious illness, even when there’s no medical evidence to support this.

People with anxiety often experience physical symptoms such as a rapid heart rate, headaches, chest pain and shortness of breath. In cases of health anxiety, these symptoms are mistaken for a physical illness which adds to the problem.

Health anxiety has people constantly monitoring their bodies for the slightest change and thinking extreme worst-case scenario, often turning to Google for self-diagnosis.

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Restore Peace and Wellbeing

Hypnosis for health anxiety works by using a range of techniques to access the unconscious mind, where around 96% of your thought patterns, habits, behaviours, and emotions about your health and illness are contained.

I combine hypnosis with EFT Tapping Therapy and The MAP Method to transform your mind set and restore peace and wellbeing.

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Feel Happy and Healthy

Constant health anxiety keeps your mind and body in a state of perpetual alertness, leading to further health issues. Hypnosis for health anxiety transforms unhelpful thoughts and fears about your well-being, allowing you to feel happy and healthy once again.

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Move Forward Without Reliving the Past

Health anxiety often stems from a past event, such as a previous illness or bereavement. My approach allows us to address and process the root cause and any associated trauma without the need to relive your past. This enables you to move forward with your life, feeling happy, healthy, and calm again.

Hypnotherapy for Health Anxiety

Using hypnosis for health anxiety, you’ll notice an immediate positive change in the way you think and feel. During our consultation, I’ll guide you on the expected duration of our sessions together, which typically spans around 6 sessions.


Yes, you can have your sessions online, face-to-face, or a combination of both. The outcome is exactly the same regardless of where you are in the world.

In-person sessions are held in Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Yes, hypnosis is a safe and effective method for treating health anxiety. It is a natural, drug-free approach that focuses on utilising the power of your mind to create positive changes.

Hypnosis helps reprogram your subconscious mind to change negative thought patterns and alleviate the constant worry and stress associated with health anxiety. This can lead to a calmer, more balanced state of mind.

Alongside hypnosis, techniques such as EFT Tapping, The MAP Method, and Coaching may be used to enhance the treatment and provide rapid, comprehensive results.