Health Anxiety is an anxiety disorder experienced as intrusive thoughts about health, illness and death. This is often linked with repetitive behaviour, similar to OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour).

People who develop health anxiety (also known as hypochondria) have a deep fear of serious illness, even when there’s no medical evidence to support this.

People with anxiety often experience physical symptoms such as a rapid heart rate, headaches, chest pain and shortness of breath. In cases of health anxiety, these symptoms are mistaken for a physical illness which adds to the problem.

Health anxiety has people constantly monitoring their bodies for the slightest change and thinking extreme worst-case scenario, often turning to Google for self-diagnosis.

Health Anxiety Hypnotherapy: Find Peace and Well-Being

A highly effective treatment for health anxiety is hypnotherapy. 

Hypnosis works by using a range of techniques to access the subconscious mind, where around 96% of our thought patterns, habits, behaviours, and emotions are controlled.

I combine hypnosis with EFT Tapping Therapy and The MAP Method

This powerful combination works at the deepest level of the mind to help you change how you think and behave. 

Using this hypnotherapy approach together we will;

  • Change any limiting beliefs about illness and health
  • Process any previous trauma connected to illness and death
  • Eliminate the fear of illness
  • Break the cycle of OCD thoughts and behaviours
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Teach new, more helpful ways of thinking and behaving


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I cannot recommend Sara enough. She helped me through anxiety and panic attacks which I had been experiencing for about a year. After one session with her, it felt like magic. The hypnotherapy lead me to barely remember the panic attacks that I have had and my anxiety seriously lifted. An amazing experience and a huge difference from a few days earlier when I didn’t know what to do or how I would ever stop them. I would give more stars than five if I could. Sara is VERY good at what she does and I am so grateful for all her help and understanding.