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EFT Tapping Therapy: Release Emotional Blocks and Find Well-Being

Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Dr. Bruce Lipton and Deepak Chopra are among the many huge fans of EFT Tapping.  Add to the list Celebrities such as PINK, PGA Golfers and even the Duchess of Cornwall and you might be wondering what magical powers EFT Tapping has!

As hundreds of my own clients have discovered, and you can read about in the testimonials,  EFT Tapping has the power to radically change the way you think and feel in a matter of minutes. 

EFT Tapping, or to give the full name, Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy technique from the world of Energy Psychology and works by literally tapping on the acupressure points of the body.  These acupressure points run along the meridian lines of the body, which are energy lines.

All of your emotions are energy particles. And energy should flow through the body in the same way as water flows downhill. However, energy can get stuck and stored in the body as a result of unresolved conflict, trauma, and limiting beliefs, memories and events in our lives.

Over 100 clinical trials have shown that EFT Tapping Therapy is effective for anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain, phobias, and many physical diagnoses. 

EFT Tapping can…

  • Calm down the central nervous system
  • Gently release trauma and PTSD
  • One of the quickest and simplest ways to create healing 
  • Treat and neutralise emotions including anxiety, fear, stress, guilt, shame etc
  • Change the physiology of the body 
  • Heal the body of physical illness and pain
  • Release and change unhelpful beliefs 
  • Create a shift in the way you think and your mindset
  • Enable you to let go of the past by processing memories and events
"I’d like to start by saying that I can’t recommend Sara highly enough. I made an appointment with Sara as I had been feeling low for several months after a major career setback. Sara started by listening carefully to what I had to say and quickly identified the root cause of my low mood as being due to a long standing poor relationship with money. Sara used both hypnotherapy and EFT to address this issue and after only 3 sessions I no longer suffer from the unhelpful thought processes that were leaving me feeling down. I’m now feeling very positive about life and the possibilities it holds."

EFT Tapping Therapy works by focusing on the energy disturbance in the body that has been created as a result of past experiences, events and traumas. By applying EFT Tapping you will experience emotional problems dissolving swiftly and effectively without having to tell your life story!

Clients have been amazed at how they have released feelings of shame, guilt, pain, hurt, grief, anger, resentment, trauma and a spectrum of other emotions that keep you stuck, often in a matter of minutes.  Even better I will teach you how to apply EFT Tapping to yourself so that you always have this incredibly powerful tool in your back pocket.