“If your life was a garden, plant the right seeds to grow”

Would you like any of the following?

To discover and heal the root of your anxiety?

To release old emotional and painful memories holding you back?

To break free of limiting beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough; I’m not worthy; I don’t belong; I’m not lovable; I’m stupid; I’m a failure

To overcome fears and phobias?

To remove blocks to your confidence and self esteem?

To learn a powerful technique that you can use on yourself anytime you need to press the rest button?


What is eft tapping?

Memories themselves are neither good or bad, happy or sad, positive or negative – it is the association you have with them that give them meaning.

When you change that association, release the unhelpful emotion attached to the memory and transform the beliefs that were formed at the time, you will experience an incredible shift in your mindset, health and outlook.

EFT is an energy technique. It may surprise you to know that your body is more energy than it is physical.
The energy lines that run through the body are known as meridians, which connect to your emotional brain. When tapping, you are tapping the ends of the meridian lines to release emotion.

An emotion is really energy in motion. However, when you are upset, anxious or worried about something, your focus of attention gets stuck on how you feel – the emotion. This causes the emotion to get blocked. You know you have blocked or stuck emotion when you can’t move on from something, when you struggle to let go of how you feel and when you hold yourself back in someway.

It sounds ridiculously simple, yet by tapping on the EFT points on your body, you can transform how you feel in minutes.

Be the person you were born to be!

the benefits of eft tapping therapy

  • Quickly gets to the root of the problem
  • Locates pre-conscious memories (memories pre age of 6)
  • A very powerful method to reframe what happened at the time and what positive lessons you learnt as a result
  • A gentle way of letting go of strong emotions such as grief and trauma
  • Sends a message to the body/cells/DNA that the trauma is over
  • Offers a way to rewrite the past in the brain
  • A powerful means to creating a new future
How did I find the wonderful Lady? I was drawn to her website and I cannot tell you how happy that I was! I have struggled for years with relationships, lack of self esteem and do not forget the alcohol! I had 5 sessions with Sara and on the first, half my troubles were gone, truly amazing. I now feel as though I have ‘come home’ to me. My confidence grows daily. I am now focussed losing weight; I have cut back on the alcohol. I have been transformed into this amazing person, who had been in hiding all these years! Working with Sara is so easy; she is friendly and has a sense of humour, extremely patient and kind. We had a few laughs throughout the sessions. I would highly recommend Sara; she is fab at what she does. Thank you seems such an inadequate word, for what you have achieved with me, Sara but it’s the only one. Thank you x

whats included in a session of eft tapping therapy?

  1. Very simply we will start by identifying what you want to achieve from working together.
  2. Once you are clear on what it is you are working towards, we will identify what’s getting in the way – what are the blocks, fears, beliefs or set backs that need to be addressed.
  3. Once you know what has been holding you back, we will start tapping!
  4. Typically I tap on you, so that you are free to let go and focus.
  5. At the end of the session we will identify what has shifted and been released and what we still need to address in a follow up session.
  6. I will also teach you how to tap on yourself and sign post you to lots of great resources to keep you on track.
Recently I realised that I had been following the same unhelpful pattern of choice throughout my life. Sara used a combination of EFT (emotional freedom technique) and Matrix Re-imprinting to find out what belief was hiding in my subconscious mind that was driving me to behave in a certain way. Matrix re-imprinting is a form of tapping on the energy body that allows you to use the power of your own mind, with the help of Sara, to get back to early memories where you have subconsciously made a decision that has formed a belief in your life. In my case we were led to a memory of when I was five. Sara was fabulous at pinpointing the moment the decision was made in my mind as a child. She then unravelled the thoughts of the five year old me. Effectively re framing the belief I formed at the time so that I couldn’t keep running that belief subconsciously. I would highly recommend this form of therapy as sometimes we do not know why we keep doing the same thing over and over again, such as behaving in a certain way or attracting certain people into our lives. Already I have been making different choices and it is so empowering to do so. Want to explore more about working with Sara in the MATRIX? Schedule your free consultation now using the online booking form.