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Help and FAQ’s

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

How does hypnotherapy work?

It might surprise you to know that you enter into a hypnotic brain wave state many times a day. Two of the most common times are just as you are falling asleep and before you fully wake up. This brain wave state is the theta brain wave state. It is a very slow brain wave state that gives you access into the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where around 95% of all your programming is stored – much like a computer. By taking you into this brain wave state through the use of hypnotic language, you are able to create new patterns of thought, behaviour and emotional responses. It is also in this slow, safe, relaxed brain wave state that old memories and traumas can be processed.

Put simply, hypnotherapy is a powerful way of working with the subconscious mind and re programming the brain to create a new state of mind.

See the testimonials from people I have worked with – they speak for themselves.

Can hypnotherapy go wrong?

Hypnotherapy is not the same as hypnosis that you see on stage. In a session of hypnotherapy, the hypnotic experience you have is the one you want to have – using the power of your own mind, combined with your imagination to create the future you that you want to be. You are fully in control at all times.

Can hypnotherapy change your personality?

Only in a positive way. Say you were known for loosing your temper at work or being a real people pleaser – that’s not your personality as such. Instead those are unhelpful emotional responses and behaviours. Without them, you will still be you, but a happier version of yourself.

What is solution-focused psychotherapy?

Unlike many other talking therapies such as counselling, solution focused psychotherapy does not focus on the past; instead it moves you towards the present and the future. This is done through the use of solution focused questioning and identifying your strengths and resources to enable you to create change. 

Can I be hypnotised?

We all have an imagination, a dreaming brain and a subconscious mind and it is these human resources that we use to take you into a hypnotic state – so yes you can be hypnotised!

What can hypnotherapy be used for?

The list of areas hypnotherapy can be used for is varied, but includes:
stress, anxiety, panic, phobias, unwanted habits and addictions (e.g. smoking, overeating, alcoholism), disrupted sleep patterns, lack of confidence and low self-esteem, fear of examinations and public speaking, allergies and skin disorders, fears and limiting beliefs.

Watch the interviews I have held with clients to see how hypnotherapy helped them

See the testimonials from people I have worked with – they speak for themselves.

What is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)?

Emotional Freedom Technique is like acupuncture, minus the needles.
Acupressure points around the head and the hands are tapped on which simulates the bodies energy system, allowing it to flow. An emotion is really just energy in motion. However when we keep our focus on something, such as a fear, the emotion gets stuck and become dense – that’s how you can feel it within the body.   EFT clears the emotional blocks related to patterns of thought, doubts, worries and beliefs – and when you feel differently, you think differently. EFT is a very powerful, effective and fast working technique that you can also learn how to use on yourself.

What can Emotional Freedom Techniques be used on?

As with hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques can be used in addressing all the same areas. Anything psychological, physical, emotional and mental can be addressed or supported through the use of EFT.

Is hypnotherapy and EFT covered by the NHS?

Complementary therapy is beginning to be recognised more and more by the NHS however it is not currently available through G.P.s.

Will I be able to drive after hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is like being in a very deep relaxed daydream and when you open your eyes you will feel very relaxed, as if you had just had an afternoon nap.  Any normal activities such as playing sport, driving, going to work etc can be done after a session of hypnotherapy. There are times when the session may have been more intense or emotional, and in such cases you may wish to rest after the session.

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Do I lose control in hypnosis?

Whilst you are in a very deep altered state of consciousness you always remain in control.  Your body had its own in built survival system that never allows you to ‘lose’ control. 

Do I need to decide if I want Emotional Freedom Techniques or hypnotherapy in advance?

I will suggest the best treatment and technique to use based on our conversation about your needs and what we are working with. Often in a session I will use a combined approach of Solution Focused Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP techniques and matrix reimprinting.

What can I expect from a session?

An initial telephone consultation will take place prior to the session to understand what you need help and support with.  During the first full session this will be discussed in greater detail. With the use of solution focused questioning, I will seek to understand things like;

  • What will life be like without the problem?
  • How will you know when you no longer have the problem; what will that feel like; what will others notice about you?
  • When there have been times when the problem has been OK
  • What your key resources are and how we can use them
  • Where the pattern behind the problem lies

I will then use either or a combination of hypnosis, EFT or other specific techniques to begin to resolve the issue.  

How many sessions of hypnotherapy or EFT are needed?

Having been treating people for 9 years, I find that the golden number is 5 sessions.  This is why we block book you in for 5 X 90 minute sessions.

However, there may be other things either consciously or unconsciously that arise during the session that are contributing to the problem, or that need addressing as part of your overall wellbeing. Success is also dependant on the level of commitment from you, if you engage in the activities set in between sessions, such as reading, listening to you tube clips, self development exercise etc and how much you really want to change.

A combination of solution focused psychotherapy; hypnosis and EFT results in a high success rate,  We are able to get to the root of issues quickly, and move you forward. You will find this reflected in the testimonials from clients.

How long does a session last?

All sessions are 90 minutes

What is the financial investment?

  • Block booking of 5 session £850.00
Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

What days and times of the days can I book in an appointment?

Face to face one to one appointments are available Tuesday and Thursday between 08.00am and 7.00pm until 01 October 2020.  After this date all sessions will move to Zoom or Skype.

Where are the sessions held?

Face to face sessions are held at 9A Torphichen Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8HX.  These sessions will be run until 01 October 2020.  After this time sessions will be conducted over Zoom or Skype.

How do I book a session?

By contacting me on 0131 261 4842 or emailing me at or book an initial complementary consultant on line.

To find out more about how eft tapping will work for you, book a free consultation today.