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Get proven results from your first hypnotherapy session

Do you do battle with anxiety on a daily basis?

Are you weighed down with thoughts of not being good enough?

Does public speaking make you want to run a mile away?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope?

Do you wish you had more self confidence and self esteem?

Has your mental health taken a knock recently?


What if there was a magic wand that could transform the way that you think and feel about yourself?  What if you could experience peace of mind, able to take life in your stride feeling strong and confident?

What if you could look on the bright side of life and feel excited about your future?

Having held over 5,000 one to one sessions you can be sure to be in safe, capable hands and join the long line of success stories. You can also experience the reassurance of a free consultation where we will quickly get to the root of the problem for you and advise you on exactly how we will support you to reach your goals.

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As you can read in the testimonials, where nothing else works, this works

I’m still amazed at what Sara achieved in two sessions given that I’d been battling some of it for the last three years and some of it for most of my life!  

I left feeling lighter than air, and Sara’s words stayed with me long after I had left her office.

I’ve changed jobs, increased my salary substantially and I’m a lot happier.

After one session with her, it felt like magic.

I achieved everything I set out to and so much more working with Sara, after only 3 sessions my speaking confidence is at a level I’ve never experience before.

I think Sara is outstanding. Things that I had been blind to suddenly became clear and the solution made perfect sense.

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Working with Sara has been an outstanding experience. She is extremely professional, caring, and warm. I had my sessions with Sara over SKYPE and they worked perfectly well, as if we were in the same room. I recommend her wholeheartedly. 

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