Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Find freedom from anxiety with Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

To all the worriers out there! You’re not alone or going crazy!

Overthinking can be destructive.

When you try to run from your own thoughts they will hunt you down either way.

If you’re a person who overthinks and you want to feel better prepared for life’s pressures, hypnotherapy is a game changer.

Techniques like hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping Therapy and The MAP Method calm the mind so you feel more positive.

They also help unlearn the baggage we learned on our way to adult life.

As you’ll read in the client testimonials, you’ll identify the reasons behind anxiety, worry and overthinking that’s a true eye opener!

Going to Sara I felt instantly at ease. She has a natural warmth that just makes you feel comfortable and understood. She can help you find a solution to your issue without having to go to deep into it. She has a great energy and I would definitely recommend her.
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I'm Sara

As a therapist and coach for the last decade I work with professionals who want to break free from their stories and wave goodbye to the past, re-wire patterns of thinking and transform old fears without the need for endless hours talking about your past.

As an Edinburgh Hypnotherapist, I bring together the power of life coaching, quantum flow, and energy work – the perfect mind and body combination.

When you find yourself pushing the boundaries of your mind, positive thinking alone won’t unlock the door to success. To reach new heights, you must delve deeper and experience transformation on an entirely different level.

I come away from my sessions with Sara feeling lighter and with a fresh perspective. It feels like discovering a hidden superpower that you never knew you had.
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I knew I was holding myself back professionally. I've changed jobs, increased my salary substantially and I'm a lot happier.
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This experience has changed me and I feel like another person. The person I want to be happy, confident and not afraid if what others think of me.
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Get to know sara

Visit the About Me page to discover my personal journey towards becoming a Edinburgh Hypnotherapist and Coach and Founder of The Mind Solution International Ltd, a mental health and wellbeing training company empowering people like you across the globe!

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these inspiring interviews and podcasts featuring remarkable thought leaders like Jamie Smart (my personal coach!), Dr. David Hamilton, and Dr. Amy Johnson. In these conversations, we delve into the realm of leveraging the mind’s potential to bring about profound change and transformation.


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