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Therapy and Coaching designed to overcome anxiety, transform mindset barriers and restore calm, peace of mind and confidence.

Tired of your emotions running your life?

Overthinking, insecurity and anxiety are destructive and impact your career, business, relationships and quality of life.

Here’s the good news! You don’t have to let these emotions run your life!

It’s time to create a new mindset and feel calm, in control and confident again!

Going to Sara I felt instantly at ease. She has a natural warmth that just makes you feel comfortable and understood. She can help you find a solution to your issue without having to go to deep into it. She has a great energy and I would definitely recommend her.
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goal focused sessions

I help you create a personalised plan based on your goals and stay laser-focused on moving you in the right direction

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mindset mastery

Awareness + Knowledge = lasting transformation.  You’ll gain the knowledge to master your mindset.

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10 + Years expertise

A Hypnotherapist, Personal Development Coach, EFT Practitioner, Quantum Flow, Global Wellbeing Trainer, and keynote speaker with 10+ years of experience to help you create a new mindset and achieve your goals.

I'm Sara

do you want to create a new mindset without endless hours spent talking about your past?
I guarentee you can achieve your goals without having to keep revisiting your past!
Clients love my solution focused approach that keeps you fixed on creating a new mindset and a new future.
I come away from my sessions with Sara feeling lighter and with a fresh perspective. It feels like discovering a hidden superpower that you never knew you had.
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I knew I was holding myself back professionally. I've changed jobs, increased my salary substantially and I'm a lot happier.
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This experience has changed me and I feel like another person. The person I want to be happy, confident and not afraid if what others think of me.
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Get to know sara

Visit the About Me page to discover my personal journey towards becoming a Edinburgh Hypnotherapist and Coach and Founder of The Mind Solution International Ltd, a mental health and wellbeing training company empowering people like you across the globe!

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these inspiring interviews and podcasts featuring remarkable thought leaders like Jamie Smart (my personal coach!), Dr. David Hamilton, and Dr. Amy Johnson. In these conversations, we delve into the realm of leveraging the mind’s potential to bring about profound change and transformation.


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Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Your First Step to Mindset Mastery

Are you tired of your current mindset running the show?

Download this free training video which helps you to learn how your mind operates and how you can learn to master your mind!

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