Are you looking for a way to over come anxiety or stop feeling overwhelmed and burnt out?

Or do you want to experience more confidence and self esteem and stop doubting yourself?

You may be facing a challenging family dynamic such as divorce or relationship issues and need support to navigate your way through?

The Map Method is one of the most powerful change techniques to give you exactly what you need to experience calm, clarity, peace of mind, self confidence and fast results.

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The map method

The MAP Method works with your Superconscious Mind to treat and neutralise painful memories, trauma, unhelpful thought patterns, limiting beliefs and phobias.

The MAP Method is a very powerful way of creating change for lots of reasons!

🌟 You don’t have to go digging up past events and memories – the Superconscious identifies these and treats them – even the events, traumas and memories you don’t have conscious awareness of

🌟 You don’t have to talk about your past experiences and therefore there is no risk of being re-traumatised

🌟 You don’t need to over analyse your thinking! In MAP the Superconscious treats any unhelpful negative thought patterns and structures that led to the topic you are focused on 

🌟 In MAP you are fully conscious (although very relaxed!) so remain in full control while the Superconscious works its magic

🌟 MAP is a deeply healing modality that works on every layer of your brain, body and energy system

🌟 In MAP we treat every and all aspects – thought structures; parts; predispositions; the parts which are trying to protect and control your behaviour (which keeps you stuck!); energy fields; mindset barriers, beliefs, emotional structures, events and themes which have played a part in your life – this leads to incredible change easily and gently

🌟 In MAP we also treat where you have created an identity around your subject such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m not smart enough’ or I’m unlovable’

🌟 MAP treats any unconscious barriers and resistance you may have setting you free from your topic/subject enabling you to move forward in your life

"Wow Sara what a powerful session. I have been feeling really challenged about a certain situation. I left the session feeling so calm and managed to think about the steps I wanted to take next. When for weeks this had seemed impossible. Today is a great day!"
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The power of the superconscious mind

It’s likely you have heard of the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the ‘thinking’ mind.  It responsible for rational thought, problem solving, and conscious awareness and represents about 5% of your overall mind.

The subconscious mind is a store house of patterns and programmes that work on pattern and repetition. The subconscious mind is running the show about 95% of the time.  All of your thought patterns, memories, emotional responses, behaviours and habits are being run by the subconscious mind which is why trying to change these consciously is impossible!

The superconscious mind is your innate wisdom.  The superconscious mind is also referred to as infinite intelligence.  The subconscious mind works independently on the conscious mind and subconscious mind and can treat and heal trauma, neutralise unhelpful thought patterns, find and treat limiting beliefs and heal the physical health of the body. 

In the MAP Method we work with the superconscious mind to treat and neutralise anything which is preventing you from achieving our goals.

Before you were recommended to me I had tried all the conventional medical treatments for anxiety related to speaking in public, they took the edge off my symptoms but did not work at a core level. Knowing that my fears were irrational just made the anxiety worse. However, after our first session I was surprised (and delighted) to feel a more positive attitude within myself. By the end of our course of sessions not only were my anxiety and panic gone, but I was then not able to just cope but to do well in some extremely stressful situations, including speaking publicly. Thank you Sara, you have given me my life back.
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