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Contact Sara Maude & Associates Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Great to see you here, how can we help you?

1 – 1 support

To get help in the form of Hypnotherapy, Tapping/EFT, Solution Focused Psychotherapy, NLP and Matrix Reimprinting email me at or use the online form below to book your private complementary consultation.

Coaching and mentoring

With 12 years Human Resources experience gained in a variety of leading corporate organisations, combined with the ability to transform your mindset, experience the type of coaching and mentoring that will take you to completely new heights in your career or business.

Media enquiries

I have been interviewed by several newspapers, including VICE and the Metro. If you would like to interview me about anything in the health and wellbeing field, please get in touch by calling directly on 07738 672291.

Health and wellbeing training

I provide health and wellbeing training to many public and private sector organisations including Edinburgh College, Diageo, RBS, The British Council, Crown Estate Scotland and Camelot Global. This is done through my training and consultancy company If you would like to discuss health and wellbeing training for your organisation please email me at