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Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Here are what some of my clients have to say…

Fear of public speaking and presenting at work, Claire

I really can’t thank you enough for helping me fundamentally change the way I think!

I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but I think I actually ENJOYED the talk I did at the Women in Tech event!

I was able to completely be myself, without that feeling I used to have that I was deficient in some way. I seem to now realise that I can only be myself, and that there’s nothing wrong with that.

I approached the talk in a completely different way to the way I normally would. I thought about what I could offer that was unique to me, and not about what I thought I SHOULD say. I got fantastic feedback and even managed to handle a surprise panel discussion!

I also notice that I have lost the anxious feeling that I normally have when someone questions me unexpectedly, and I am much more able to be confident in myself. Oh, and still fine with the spiders!

So, you are truly an angel, I’m so glad I found you. I have been recommending you left, right and centre!

Low self esteem, Jean

Firstly, I feel really good about myself and really strong. I do actually like myself. I practice all your well being techniques daily and often turn off the radio in the car to say my affirmations out loud.

I was at a conference yesterday and practiced my power stance when I walked into the conference room. I couldn’t believe it when 3 of the ladies running the conference approached me at different times during the day, to ask how I was and that they remembered me from last year.

I was probably the most outspoken person on my table but in a positive way. I really enjoyed the day and felt really confident and not scared to give my thoughts.
(Who is this person ❤️).

I don’t know where I would be today Sara if I hadn’t had your support and you teaching me all your brilliant techniques.

Letting go of anxiety, Michelle

I saw Sara a few months ago to help me cope with some anxiety I was feeling. I felt I was content in life yet for some reason still felt anxious in certain situations that I never had before. Sara is a great listener, confident and friendly. She made me feel very at ease and comfortable to share my experiences with. She helped me deal with my emotions, showed deep empathy and respect for all the issues we talked about and after our first session I was feeling much calmer in general and my anxiety has disappeared.  I would definitely see Sara again if I feel I need her support.

Releasing 30 years of Anxiety, Val

I went to see Sara because I had been suffering from acute anxiety for some time. In a very calm and reassuring way Sara went back and identified events in my past which had been stressful and which I had not completely let go. Over a series of sessions of therapy Sara showed me how to use my inner strength to overcome my anxieties and taught me techniques to use if I felt my anxiety returning. After each session I felt an improvement in my mood and confidence and by the final session Sara had completely transformed my sense of well being.

Sara is a very gifted person. She is very professional but has a very friendly and caring manner. If your life is blighted by anxiety or stress do not struggle alone; contact Sara and allow her to help. I’m glad I did and will always be indebted to her.


Fear of public speaking and presenting at work, Keith

I was sceptical about Hypnotherapy at first, but I was prepared to try anything to address a rapidly growing anxiety about public speaking, even introducing myself in meetings was becoming an issue and my confidence was vanishing. I even found myself getting anxious about the possibility of feeling anxious. My job requires me to speak publicly a lot so being constantly anxious was impacting my whole life now. Sara Maude removed all of the ‘weirdness’ I had previously believed about hypnotherapy from the outset, I started to learn from Sara how our minds work and how they sometimes need some help with programming errors, bugs, capacity and resource management (this is exactly where I think Sara is outstanding – I’m a software guy – everything we talked about was in the context of me and relevant to me based on the time Sara takes to learn about me at every session – as a result I understood everything that she talked about and each session was skilfully personalised for me, the things that I had been blind to suddenly became clear and the solution made perfect sense). I achieved everything I set out to and so much more working with Sara, after only 3 sessions my speaking confidence is at a level I’ve never experience before. Already I am looking forward to every speaking engagement and I’m actually enjoying sharing my story with others now. Sara Maude is an exceptionally talented lady – go see for yourself.

Depression, Luis

I should have written this review months ago. I just couldn’t find the words to describe my life changing experience with Sara.

I can’t really explain how fortunate and grateful I am to have met her. And how wonderful she is.

I was in a very bad place and I had been there for many years. She gave me back my own life, and the tools to drive it in no time. After she helped me, every day is a blessing, a gift.

She will help you with whatever you need. Trust her as I did. You won’t regret it.

Sleep and mindset, Keith

I’m a business owner and struggle to shut off from day to day issues coming home to family life. Since I’ve met with Sara she has improved my mindset massively and always get huge value from our appointments. I have and would continue to recommend to others.

Anxiety, confidence and self belief, James

I had two sessions with Sara Maude over skype to talk about the difficulties I was going through in my life, before doing so I was expecting to have to do a lot of sessions before seeing a difference. I was mistaken, in only two sessions she made me feel so much better about myself and truly helped me. I can’t quite explain how she does it, but she has this natural sense that makes you want to open up and is incredibly easy to talk to. Anybody who is going through difficult times and is thinking about therapy, this is the place to go!

Anxiety and depression, Louise

When I first came to Sara I didn’t know how to manage any of the anxiety or depression I had been feeling for nearly 10 years, after getting nowhere with doctors and counsellors I felt very alone. I instantly felt at ease with her and knew I was in capable, kind hands. Not only has Sara given me the tools to deal with times of stress or difficulty, I have noticed a big shift in my thinking and how I react to situations. She has helped me let go of negative patterns I never even knew I was following. Sara has also taught me how our body and mind are intricately linked and how to have a better awareness of looking after myself particularly in times of difficulty. Sara has helped me make changes that I so desperately needed and I cannot recommend or praise her enough.

Confidence and Self Esteem, Susie

At 55 I had managed to negotiate a few bumps in the road but when I needed professional help could not have chosen better than Sara. She is a wonderful communicator, very empathetic, practical and grounded. Sara is extremely adept at getting to the root of deep seated, historical ideas which lead to anxiety, fear etc, bringing them into the open and disarming them. I feel like a new woman and open to experiencing the new, Heartfelt thanks Sara.

Self esteem and finding love, Rachel

It’s now 5 months since I completed my 5 sessions with Sara. I wanted to wait to write a review so that I could tell you if the changes had lasted. I can tell you that they have lasted and grown even better. It might seem expensive, but it’s priceless.

Sara is a wizard, the work she does is extremely powerful. After the first session, I had to sit and stare into space for the rest of the day. Don’t plan anything after you have seen her! She works in a very bespoke way and I was stunned at how individually she tailored things for me, she really listens and takes care.

My life is blossoming now, I can imagine the life I want to live and I know how to bring it into reality. I’d never done well in relationships before, attracting the same thing over and over. At age 52 I’d been completely single and not even looking for 3 years. I realised I was ready to be in a partnership again, so I imagined the man I wanted to meet, and he appeared. We’ve been together 5 months now, he thinks I’m a Goddess and I think he’s awesome. We are both right! Thank you Sara, what you have done for me is going to ripple out into the world in so many ways. I’ll make sure of it.

Stress and anxiety, Radu

What a fabulous experience. Whether you need someone to help you going through a major change in your life, or to address one of the issues affecting millions of us – from anxiety to food or sleep disorders, or from confidence to performance issues – Sara would deal with any of those.

Fabulous listener, with an incredible capacity to synthesize our muddled thoughts into a clear problem statement, and then tackle it swiftly. Such a wonderful person, warm and inspirational. I did not think that I could meet people which will make such a profound, positive change to myself, at this age :). Thank you Sara, for everything.

Self Esteem and confidence in relationships, Shanika

Sara is extremely patient and made me feel comfortable to talk about issues I was dealing with. She has a great sense of humour which made me feel quite at home and relaxed. Even in between sessions, she would send some “homework” to do which had helped me.

Fear of public speaking, Jon

I had been struggling with public speaking for years. I turned to Sara for help as enough was enough. Sara was excellent. She is very patient and a pleasure to work with. Sara has helped me see things from a different perspective and I’m now at a place that I didn’t think was possible. Thank you!

Self Esteem and confidence, Janice

How did I find the wonderful Lady? I was drawn to her website and I cannot tell you how happy that I was! I have struggled for years with relationships, lack of self esteem and do not forget the alcohol!
I had 5 sessions with Sara and on the first, half my troubles were gone, truly amazing. I now feel as though I have ‘come home’ to me. My confidence grows daily. I am now focussed losing weight; I have cut back on the alcohol. I have been transformed into this amazing person, who had been in hiding all these years!
Working with Sara is so easy; she is friendly and has a sense of humour, extremely patient and kind. We had a few laughs throughout the sessions.
I would highly recommend Sara; she is fab at what she does.
Thank you seems such an inadequate word, for what you have achieved with me, Sara but it’s the only one. Thank you x

Clarity and perspective, Annelise

As an executive coach, I am very focused on my clients and keeping it together, professionally and personally but every now and I need myself some support for the inevitable challenges that life throws often unexpectedly . Sara was incredibly helpful in a period in which I felt overwhelmed by some difficult life circumstances and helped me to regain perspective and balance. She is very compassionate, attentive, intuitive, uses an amazing and appropriate variety of techniques and has a great capacity to point to the core of the issue. I thoroughly recommend Sara, wonderful lady and professional.

Stress and anxiety, Josh

Sara has been hugely helpful in helping me to solve some of the issues that I have been struggling with and didn’t understand. From the first introduction call to my most recent session she has been immensely kind and a brilliant listener. She has a talent for picking apart my muddled explanations and translating them into clear issues to be solved by her wide array of techniques. I am hugely grateful to her for all the time she has spent with me and would highly recommend her. Give her a call, what’s to lose?

Fear of public speaking, Jonathan

I had been struggling with public speaking for years. I turned to Sara for help as enough was enough. Sara was excellent. She is very patient and a pleasure to work with. Sara has helped me see things from a different perspective and I’m now at a place that I didn’t think was possible. Thank you!

Generalised anxiety and panic attacks, Fiona

I cannot recommend Sara enough. She helped me through anxiety and panic attacks which I had been experiencing for about a year. After one session with her, it felt like magic. The hypnotherapy lead me to barely remember the panic attacks that I have had and my anxiety seriously lifted. An amazing experience and a huge difference from a few days earlier when I didn’t know what to do or how I would ever stop them. I would give more stars than five if I could. Sara is VERY good at what she does and I am so grateful for all her help and understanding.

Fear of public speaking and presenting at work, Lyndha

I’ve tried quite a few things including books, therapy and courses to overcome my fear of public speaking without any real success, which was very disheartening. That all changed when I had sessions with Sara, my confidence grew, my nerves lessened and I felt less overwhelmed. I feel much more equipped in public speaking, not only that but I feel I handle a lot of other situations better without overthinking. Sara also gave me practical tips that I could use easily. Additionally, Sara understood me and put me at ease immediately with her incredibly warm, witty and wise spirit. I would absolutely recommend Sara.

Letting go of the past to move forward, Scott

Thank You Sara, Your understanding and support have been an inspiration to me. You are exceptional at what you do, Thank You for caring, Thank You for listening, your empathy and professional approach provided an uplifting and positive experience for which I am very grateful.

Social anxiety and grief, Jane

I feel I got a lot out of my sessions with Sara; I feel more confident in myself and who I am, and know that I can move on from past events, rather than allowing them to feed any anxieties.  And at last I have peace with the death of my father.  That for me was an incredibly personal and intense session and I still feel like I have laid down some heavy weight that I didn’t realise I was carrying.  I so wish I had seen you years ago!

Self esteem and confidence, Alicja

Having identified my performance of my lecturer’s function too fearful, I decided to seek professional help eventually. I found this safe and peaceful place and met Sara. With her help, I discovered what causes my problems. I was guided on how to address them. I was led by the person full of compassion, who loves people.

And I simply learnt how to love myself. Sara, I was fortunate to meet you. Thank you!

Fear of bad things happening, Darren

I recently attended EFT sessions with Sara for some help as my personal EFT work was not getting any results. Sara quickly identified a theme (block) and also helped me to recall memories which I wasn’t aware, that had reinforced my beliefs. I highly recommend Sara as a therapist. Sara is very skilled in all her modalities.

Job interview confidence, Darren

What a difference after 2 sessions with Sara. I knew I was holding myself back professionally. I’ve changed jobs, increased my salary substantially and I’m a lot happier. Will definitely be back when I feel like resetting the mind again.

Jealousy, anxiety and self esteem, Alison

When I first went to see Sara I was in a constant state of anxiety, mixed with paranoia and jealously. I felt that I was a damaged person that would not get any better. Even after my first session with Sara, I immediately began to feel better. She helped me take ownership of my feelings and thoughts – self empowerment came through with working with Sara, with a focus on not the past but the future. I was able to gain a better understanding of myself and through this I began to see positive change in my life. Sara always put me at ease, understood and listened. I cannot thank her enough for all the help she gave me. I continue to practice techniques she gave me today and would highly recommended her to anyone seeking a long term solution to their mental well being

Fear of public speaking, John

I was due to give a best man speech to a room full of mostly media folk, and was understandably nervous, especially as I have a fear of public speaking. I spoke to Sara on the phone to see if she could help and booked an appointment there and then. Sara used a variety of techniques to both bolster my confidence in public speaking, and counter all the negatives I had and left me feeling very positive. The session was very relaxing, at the end of which I felt I had covered a lot of ground and felt very confident in conquering my nerves. The actual speech itself went very well, much better than I could possibly have hoped for, and I very much put this down to my session with Sara. Highly Recommended!!

Transforming limiting beliefs, letting go of the past, Jan

I’d highly recommend Sara as a therapist. I started seeing her over two years ago and I think it’s safe to say that she helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. But not just helped me through – helped me recover from. She is incredibly intuitive. What took me most by surprise was how I would turn up to see her thinking my problem was one thing, but she would very quickly peel back the layers to reveal that the root cause was something quite different. I think it’s safe to say that I am much more self-aware and ready to face new challenges largely thanks to the work we did. One warning – she gives you homework!

Fear of public speaking at work, Faith

For a number of years, I have suffered from anxiety presenting to small and large groups, resulting in quite a few panic attacks. I knew I needed to get to the route of my issues.  On introduction – Sara immediately put me at ease. She was so relaxed, sympathetic and “normal”! After chatting with Sara and practicing some of the EFT techniques and hypnotherapy I couldn’t believe the immediate change in me – I was truly astounded! I have since presented a number of times and that fear I faced for years has now vanished. You have honestly changed my life – thank you!!!!!

Panic Attacks, PTSD and generalised anxiety, Lucy

I am a strong willed person and very sceptical so had laughed off hypnotherapy in the past. After trying everything else including CBT and an anti anxiety course, I saw Sara for some sessions to try and help me overcome my panic attacks. Not only did I enjoy the sessions and find them relaxing, they also helped immensely. I feel comfortable in Sara’s presence which is really important when doing this kind of work and she has a wonderful voice and way about her. I have only had a couple of moments of natural panic in the last 6 months which I have managed to control with the techniques Sara taught me, compared to the frequent uncontrollable panic attacks that I would suffer with before. I would go out of my way to recommend Sara as a hypnotherapist.

Fear of public speaking and confidence, Laura

It was so great to meet Sara and amazing to see the results in such a quick time frame.

Went to a meeting yesterday and asked questions to the stage in front of the audience.. no problem at all. No getting knotted up… all great.  Result… WOW

Interview anxiety and confidence, Sarah

I found Sara’s contact details through an internet search when I was feeling pretty low because of various things going on in my life, but was also facing a big promotion competition which felt completely overwhelming and I was on the verge of pulling out of. On reading the testimonials I felt that she was someone I would be able to relate to and after a lot of internal “will I/won’t I?” debate, I decided to take the leap and contact Sara to make an appointment. I am so glad I did, because even from the very first session with Sara, I felt a huge improvement in my mood and confidence. Sara was warm and welcoming and immediately seemed to understand what I was going through and how to help. I left her that day feeling fantastic and we had a further 3 sessions after that which I found invaluable and Sara taught me tools and techniques that I could use myself. I went into the promotion competition feeling calmer and with more confidence than I would have without her help and I used the techniques that Sara taught me at times during the day to help me stay that way. The result is that I got the job! I continue to use what Sara has taught me and I firmly believe that this is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Highly recommended.

Self esteem, self love and vulnerability

Working with Sara has been an outstanding experience. She is extremely professional, caring, and warm. I had my sessions with Sara over Skype and they worked perfectly well, as if we were in the same room. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Marriage breakdown, moving forward, Sonia

What an absolute gem I found in Sara Maude in Edinburgh. I had previously tried traditional grief counselling in New Zealand and although I had moved forward a little, I was still stuck with bad dreams, physical pain around my heart along with other stress related symptoms.

From my first phone call to Sara to my 5th and final appointment I felt so very pleased with Sara’s work, help and support as I continued to move forward.

What was really great for me was that I encouraged Sara to suggest some extra self help options to do between visits. From the writings she suggested I do, to the books and passages to read, video’s to watch along with her own recorded messages to listen to and videos to watch, each one of them played a part in my healing. As a bonus, they also helped me realise what focus I was looking for at my next appointment.

With no bad dreams after my first visit, the physical pain around my heart now gone along with most of my other stress related symptoms, I am now readily moving on with my life and to my next journey that is there for me to enjoy.

Generalised anxiety, Ciara

I visited Sara during a time in my life where I had undergone a lot of change which in turn resulted in a huge amount of anxiety for me. The anxiety I suffered was so bad that sometimes it was so difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning. I wasn’t myself.  My mind was constantly elsewhere, never in the present. I knew I didn’t have to go on feeling like this and wanted to do something to fix it so I went to see Sara. After 2 sessions with her I seen a massive improvement in my well being. Through EFT and hypnotherapy, she helped me to view the things I had been through and to view change in a more positive way and taught me ways to tackle my anxiety when ever it cropped up. I honestly cannot recommend what she does highly enough, the skills she has and her amazing personality made me feel at complete ease when around her and I cant thank her enough for her help. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t decided to have a session with her.

Finding love and boosting self esteem, Susan

In the summer of 2015, I was taking stock of my life and decided that ultimately, only I could instigate the changes I felt necessary to improve my state of mind and well-being.  The main issues that were causing me concern was the relationship with my mother and the fact that I hadn’t been in a relationship for many, many years.  The mother part was long-standing so ‘bearable’ but the lack of a meaningful relationship in my life was really getting me down as it appeared as if even the most strident singletons I knew were settling down, leaving me feeling very left out and alone.

After a couple of sessions with Sara, she helped me see things – and myself – differently and I felt as though I was approaching my life in a new, albeit subtle way.  Anyway, fast forward to now (December 2016) and I am in a healthy, loving relationship with someone who I had actually encountered during the period I was seeing Sara.  I don’t know exactly what but ‘something’ changed between us and we began spending more time together.  Although I was extremely nervous about getting hurt, I felt able to be open and honest with him and to my surprise, I found he also had been single for many years and had almost given up hope of finding love too.

Needless to say, we are looking forward to our first Christmas together with my family and they all love him too so life is good.  I would therefore like to encourage anyone who feels they are at a crossroads in their life, or stuck in a situation that is making them unhappy, to speak to Sara – she really DOES work wonders.

Career set back and changing my relationship with money, Mark

I’d like to start by saying that I can’t recommend Sara highly enough. I made an appointment with Sara as I had been feeling low for several months after a major career setback. Sara started by listening carefully to what I had to say and quickly identified the root cause of my low mood as being due to a long standing poor relationship with money. Sara used both hypnotherapy and EFT to address this issue and after only 3 sessions I no longer suffer from the unhelpful thought processes that were leaving me feeling down. I’m now feeling very positive about life and the possibilities it holds.

Generalised anxiety, Ben

I paid a visit to Sara purely out of curiosity as I had covered her business and techniques in a newspaper article a few weeks before. I didn’t have anything particular in mind that I wanted to eradicate or ‘get on top of’ before the session, but in the end found the EFT process very helpful and fascinating.

Half way through the session I did recognise I had a build up of anxiety that I had failed to address. Sara showed, quite clearly and patiently, how we can control our stresses, strains, anxiety and problems simply by tapping parts of the body linked to our energy streams.

EFT allows you to take a hands-on approach with your emotions. Combined with Sara’s kind guidance, the sessions give you the ability to take control of what you want and what you don’t want by listening to and understanding simple but effective instructions.

The techniques you learn in the sessions with Sara can be used anywhere at any time of day. They have helped me address and deal with problems at work, at home and in relationships without the use of medication or pills, and make a refreshing change away from the traditional doctor’s medicine cabinet.

Thank you Sara for a peaceful, relaxing and constructive session.

Job Interview anxiety and self esteem, Claire

I have attended two sessions with Sara, the first as a help to quit smoking and the second to get help in overcoming my nerves and anxiety regarding an upcoming job interview.

Deciding to seek help in this way was something that was new to me. The morning of my first session I was apprehensive and really did not know what to expect, however as it turned out I had no need to be concerned. Any nerves I had immediately melted away as soon as Sara answered the door…she was warm, relaxed and welcoming, and completely put me at ease.

Having had no previous experience of hypnotherapy I almost expected to be lying down on a couch, unknowingly expressing my innermost feelings (!), therefore I was pleasantly surprised to find that the set up was much more relaxed. Two comfy armchairs, a glass of water and an unimposing room. Perfect.

Sara focuses a lot on how you imagine yourself feeling after you have overcome your problem or issue, instead of dwelling on how bad it’s making you feel at that present moment. While this was sometimes difficult to think about and express right there on the spot, once I got there I realised that this way of thinking is extremely helpful, and gave me such a focus after I left the session. The hypnotherapy itself is an odd but amazing experience. I left feeling lighter than air, and Sara’s words stayed with me long after I had left her office.

One of the main things that I have taken away from the sessions with Sara that I know will be with me forever are the breathing techniques that she taught me. I honestly cannot go on about them enough! I really wasn’t the type of person to buy into that sort of thing, preferring instead to battle my nerves on my own and failing miserably. Since learning the techniques I have used them constantly, and it’s amazing how much they will calm down your body and mind in times of stress.

This testimonial comes from a completely genuine place, and I write it while sitting at my desk in my new job. I cannot recommend Sara highly enough. She helped me in my state of low confidence and enabled me to achieve things I never thought I could. I had the ability inside me all along, she just helped me to get there, and for that I can never thank her enough.

Social anxiety, work related stress and self esteem, Laura

A family member of mine recommended Sara to me when I was having a hard time coping with the stresses of work and doubting myself in social situations. After two visits to Sara I feel so much more relaxed in Social situations. I can also manage my stress with the techniques Sara shared with me. I would definitely recommend Sara!

Depression, Alanna

Sara has taught me a new approach to helping me with recurring anxiety and depression.  When I first went to see Sara I was a complete mess and didn’t know which way to turn.  I was on medication for my depression which just wasn’t helping, Sara helped me to gain the strength to come off these for good and taught me useful tools to fight against these horrible feelings I was getting.  A few days after my initial consultation I felt something had shifted in my way of thinking, it’s hard to explain but I just felt alive again.  She is such a caring person and she instantly puts you at ease.   I know that what Sara has taught me will remain with me so that I can have a happy healthy life.  If I ever need help in the future Sara will be the person I will go to!

Stress relief and sleep problems, Kirsty

I left after the first session feeling calm, relaxed and excited about my future.  I felt in control of my thoughts instead of them trying to control me!  I also had the best nights sleep in years!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sara to anyone that needed a bit of TLC and clarity.

Fear of driving and PTSD, Elaine

I went to Sara with a number of things mainly the fear of driving in rain, especially on the motorway and what I saw as an unnatural fear of spiders.
After a bad crash in heavy rain I never thought I would get my confidence back with driving in bad weather conditions but I was so wrong.  After only one session of hypnotherapy I can now say that I am well and truly confident on the road.  I was driving in heavy rain last week and it wasn’t until I got in the house I realised I had just driven in rain with no anxiety or thought to it at all.  I can’t explain how good it is to be out on the road again no matter what the weather. I no longer check my weather app each evening to make other arrangements or have lack of sleep for worrying about it.

Along with this I had a phobia that was pretty out there with spiders.  Even the word would give me shivers but now after hypnotherapy and EFT I can now see one, get some kitchen roll and dispose of it in a calm manner.  Working my way up to picking them up and putting them outside. I will get there! Highly recommend Sara.

Grief and problems with alcohol, Doreen

On visiting  Sara I had an overwhelming guilt about various life changing situations. Sara approach was very helpful, allowing to release myself from the blame of various situations and I left feeling more in control of myself and my anxiety. I found her approach and feedback emails very helpful as well.

Phobia, Sandra

Just want to say the difference Sara Maude has made in my life is huge. It has helped me with my phobia I can’t thank her enough, just wish I had contacted her sooner.

Public speaking and presentations at work, Michael

From last presentation to this one, there was a definite improvement. Very pleased as it was more of a big personal goal than anything else, so I was glad I managed to do it and be prepared without any shakes and wobbling knees getting in my way. I even volunteered to go first!

Thank you for the help you gave me prior to it, I feel this really helped my self belief in being able to tackle the presentation and preparation with less expectation of failure and less nerves!

Work related stress and anxiety, Laura

I went to see Sara when I felt like I lost a lot of confidence after a difficult period at work. Through Sara’s techniques, I realised I had not ‘lost’ confidence, I just had to find it again, which I successfully did after a few sessions. Sara’s warm and welcoming personality made me feel completely at ease and I feel back to my normal self again – I cannot recommend Sara highly enough!.

Children’s hypnotherapy, Sheena

Sara has given my seven year old daughter the most incredible boost in confidence after a spell of illness. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Our daughter loved the sessions with Sara and she is thriving at school as a result.

Anxiety and depression, Kirsty

When I first came to Sara I didn’t know how to manage any of the anxiety or depression I had been feeling for nearly 10 years, after getting nowhere with doctors and counsellors I felt very alone. I instantly felt at ease with her and knew I was in capable, kind hands. Not only has Sara given me the tools to deal with times of stress or difficulty, I have noticed a big shift in my thinking and how I react to situations. She has helped me let go of negative patterns I never even knew I was following. Sara has also taught me how our body and mind are intricately linked and how to have a better awareness of looking after myself particularly in times of difficulty. Sara has helped me make changes that I so desperately needed and I cannot recommend or praise her enough.

Claustrophobia, PTSD and anxiety, James

I had spent most of my adult life avoiding situations that would bring on my claustrophobic panic attacks. However, an upcoming MRI Scan meant that I could no longer avoid such a situation especially as it was necessary for my future health. Sara quickly responded to my need and fitted me in to her schedule. Sara took the time to ask me about my life and the possible reasons for the causes of my problem and she then used ideas and language that I understood and could relate to explain to me the problem, and from that using hypnotherapy and EFT, brought positive and truly life changing results. Sara is a caring person who makes no judgements but uses her skill and experience to resolve, in my case, long time problems. I only wish I had gone to her much earlier in my life.

Work related stress, Grace

Undertaking work with Sara proved to be really effective in terms of me managing my stress at work. When I first went to see Sara, I felt backed into a corner at work with little control over the situation. By spending some time with Sara and exploring techniques to manage my response to stress, I learnt some really useful techniques. I particularly liked using the HeartMath technique and still use this method on a daily basis.

Social anxiety, PTSD and self esteem, Sophie

My confidence was my main problem for me after being bullied at school . I felt a lot of anxiety about what people thought about me, how I came across and whether I was liked or not. I assumed I was disliked so this made me feel awkward around people. I also dreaded going out socially on my own.

I had a great experience as after each session I felt a different person I felt amazing and happy and much calmer when I left after a session. I believed in myself and began to believe it doesn’t matter what people think about me. I am a happy kind person and if people don’t like that about me then that doesn’t matter.

The experience has given me loads of confidence in day to day situations which I never had. I’m not afraid to ask for help as the worst that someone can say is no or I don’t know. I’m also not scared to say what I am thinking. This experience has changed me and I feel like another person. The person I want to be happy , confident and not afraid if what others think of me.

Post traumatic stress and vertigo, Colleen, Skype Hypnosis

Fear and vulnerability are debilitating. I had hypnotherapy with Sara via Skype and after working with Sara, felt no fear at all after having an accident. I am sleeping better and feel relaxed and confident again.

Fear of flying and generalised anxiety, Shakuntala

I live in India and for a long I had been going through emotional and health problems. I stopped travelling to far off places and as a result I never travelled by air for nearly 25 years. My daughter and son in law are based in Edinburgh. Since my daughter was expecting a baby, I had to make a trip to be with her. I somehow  managed to travel with one of my relatives and the use of strong medication, but air travel always makes me sick and anxious. During my stay with my daughter and Son in law, they insisted I try hypnotherapy . I had tried a psychologist and a psychiatrist to help with my anxiety but nothing seemed to have worked. I thought this would be the ultimate thing to do. During my sessions I was relaxed but I thought, I will get to know whether the therapy works only when I am on a plane. The day had come, I was travelling or the first time all alone. When I boarded the plane I felt fine and felt it was normal to travel like this. I spent 9 hours watching movies and napping, which I never did before. I myself was amazed by this feeling. After reaching India, within few days I have come to Singapore to see my son and his family. Again the travel experience from India to Singapore was great.

I recommend Sara highly, one should go through this ultimate experience to get over any problem they are facing.

Self esteem, confidence and moving forward in life, Reem, Skype Hypnosis

Skype made me feel like I was inside your house at the comfort of my own home. The session was clear and I got very good results from it and I continue to do a few more in the near future. The reason why I choose to see Sara on Skype over seeing someone near by, is because of the trust I have in her. It’s very important to do hypnotherpy with someone you feel comfortable with. She has a passion for her work it’s not just a job to pay the bills. I do recommend Sara with all my heart, thank you once again.

Low energy and self confidence, Juan

Some life issues from the past were affecting me and stealing my peace of mind. That started affecting my general health, lacking of energy, confidence and feeling overwhelmed quite often. As I didn’t get a clear answer from conventional GPs, I decided to tackle my problems from another perspective. Sara helped me to focus on the present and to be more calm. Her sessions (and take-home audios) really made a difference in my life. Sara’s therapy and approach is excellent, I totally recommend her.

Marriage difficulties, Lucy

My experience of working with Sara has been utterly positive. An hour’s session of therapy with her stays with you for a long time, allowing you to process and ponder and be proactive and positive as you seek resolution. I cannot thank her enough for being part of my emotional journey this past nine months and I will miss our sessions. I heartily recommend her to anyone wanting positive energy and wisdom and professionalism and kindness as a framework to assist mental and physical recovery.

Self Esteem and confidence, Monika

Sara is wonderful and warm lady who has really helped me to balance a lot of emotions that I have been carrying around with me since childhood which had been affecting my current work life and relationship. I felt very peaceful after leaving her sessions and a much stronger minded person. I am now able to deal with stressful situations much more calmly and positively. Highly recommend!

Infertility, Kate

I went to Sara to help clear out some stuck emotions which I felt could be contributing to my problems conceiving. I had two excellent sessions with Sara, where she was able to help me clear out stuck emotions dating back to my childhood as well as more recent beliefs about my body not being effective. Leaving these sessions I experienced short term bodily aches and pains (as the negative energy was leaving), and felt weightless and much more positive. I am sure these sessions contributed to my subsequent pregnancy a few months later.

Relationship breakup, Hetty

I contacted Sara just a few weeks after the break up of a long term relationship. I was struggling with feeling very emotional and I had lots of thoughts and questions spinning around my head that I just couldn’t take control of. Sara first made contact over the phone and even that five minute chat provided me with some comfort and a feeling that these were all things that I could address with Sara’s help. I was anxious before my first session as I had never seen a therapist of any kind before but Sara put me at ease from the start and really seemed to understand how I was feeling. Sara is a fantastic listener and she also asked the right questions to focus my mind on the future rather than spending lots of time going over the past. Sometimes she had to be persistent to really get me to think about things but I think that helped me to get the most out of the sessions.

I can honestly say that with Sara’s help I have made a huge amount of progress in just a few weeks. I have gone from being a bit of an emotional wreck to not having cried once since that first session! It’s not that all memories have suddenly been erased, it’s more the case that I can think about the break up and feel okay with it. The nagging subconscious thoughts and panic about the future have pretty much gone. Sara has also taught me how to tap as a way of dealing with any negative emotions – it’s early days but I’ve used it a few times and it’s good to know that something so simple to do is available as a coping mechanism whenever I want to try it.

I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to see Sara – in just a few sessions she has really helped me to turn things around and I feel so much more together now. My friends have commented on what a positive attitude I’m displaying and I can genuinely say that I’m looking forward to the future. Thank you!

Organisational change, stress at work, Pete

Sara helped me to unlock a few insights about myself and gave me a good platform to see new light on. She also very approachable and easy to relate with.

Generalised anxiety, panic attacks and limiting beliefs, Scott

I had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for the last 33 years from the age of 9.  These would come in bouts around 7 years apart and last for around 3 months before getting better.  The only help I had in dealing with these were anti-anxiety prescription pills from my GP and that was only in the last 15 years.

When I started to get another bout of anxiety 18 months ago I thought it would just be the usual and go away, however this time it was different.  I started to withdraw myself from things I usually loved doing e.g. going out, going to football etc.  At work I also became withdrawn, by trying to avoid anything that could trigger off another anxiety attack.  My home life suffered as well, I would come home from work tired and listless and go to bed around 8.30 pm.
18 months is a long time of constantly feeling anxious and I decided to seek help by searching the internet for a way to get better.  I looked at several peoples websites and was actually anxious about whether I was doing the right thing or not. I decided to call Sara after a quite severe panic attack at work one day and her reassuring voice quickly calmed me down.  That’s when I knew I had picked the right person to visit.

I nervously visited Sara for my first appointment and was greeted with a welcoming smile.  The first session was all about me telling Sara about my symptoms and how long I had been suffering and that’s when I had my first hypnotherapy to help my anxiety.

I visited Sara weekly over the next few weeks, receiving EFT (Emotional freedom technique) and Hypnotherapy, as well as life guidance because I had put on such a lot of weight during this period of anxiety.

Sara talked about the connection with eating a healthy balanced diet (not being ON a diet) would also help my mind by keeping sugar levels at a normal level.  I can’t believe the difference.

Each week I could feel myself gradually feeling better and better with each session until the penultimate session blew all the years of anxiety and panic away with a very emotional EFT session.

The following morning I woke up and felt as happy as I have ever been and have continued to feel this way since then.  I made a final appointment and Sara practised Hypnotherapy to cement the feelings to allow me to continue this way for good.

Sara has also regularly been in contact via email, when she finds things that I can read about on the internet.  I plan to arrange an appointment to see Sara every few months just to ensure my continued good health and maybe show off the new ME!!

I would recommend anyone suffering from panic attacks and anxiety to visit Sara for help, she has helped me turn my life back around and I now feel GREAT.

Low self esteem and jealousy, Teri

“I’m still amazed at what Sara achieved in two sessions given that I’d been battling some of it for the last three years and some of it for most of my life!  I went to Sara because I was terrified that I was going to wreck my marriage. I knew I had issues I needed to resolve for myself. And for my marriage.

Sara immediately put me at my ease and enabled me to identify the crux of the problem. Following some EFT I left the first session with the mind set I’d often wished for and enjoyed a week without any of the old issues that had led me to Sara. At that point I still thought it was a fluke and suspected that the problems would return. After the second session where I had some more EFT and some hypnotherapy I left feeling like I was on top of the world.

The issues that led me to Sara haven’t arisen again and I still have the positive and healthy attitude to life that I didn’t have before seeing Sara.  I highly recommend Sara.”

Anger, Geoff, France – Skype Hypnosis

Sara helped me to unlock a few insights about myself and gave me a good platform to see new light on. She also very approachable and easy t“I can only give Sara a 5 star rating anything less is not worthy of the work she does and if I could give a six or seven out of five I would. My experience with Sara was after the huge amount of help she gave my wife I realised I had an anger problem, something I had known for a long time but never known how to deal with. I have always thought you can sort these things out yourself, a man should be strong enough to deal with these problems, should not need to ask for help etc etc but after seeing the amazing, rapid , positive change in my wife after being hypnotised by Sara and the fact it was on Skype!! I asked her to help me also and I can only say that she has changed our lives and would recommend anyone to try this therapy because you will be amazed at the effect it can have on things you thought you could never change.

Career progression, Jana

I went to see Sara as I was as they say ‘in a funk’. After just three sessions thanks to Sara’s coaching and warm and welcoming approach I can now say that the cloud has cleared and I can see the sunshine again 🙂 I now have more clarity and confidence to pursue my goals. Thank you Sara!

Grief and anxiety, Jane

‘Before seeing Sara I’d been brought to my knees by a series of bereavements and health issues, and six months on still felt a shadow of my former self. I needed someone to support me in getting my sparkle back.

‘I’d subscribed to Sara’s  newsletters for a while and felt drawn to her sunny personality and the great client feedback. I raided my savings to pay for 3 sessions – I was reassured that only a handful would be necessary, using a technique called EFT, I could learn to use myself. It sounded much better than months dredging everything up about the past with a therapist!

‘The sessions were nothing short of mind-blowing. Each time Sara seemed to sense what I needed to offload, and she was extremely sensitive to my emotions, which had been bottled up for years. I went to the first session feeling exhausted, anxious, flat and suffering from flashbacks. By the final session a few weeks later we were tapping on my dreams of a new career. I could soon feel the old ‘me’ returning, was sleeping well and no longer woke up in a state of panic.

‘We’d start the session chatting through issues and I would then decide what I wanted to work on. Things which I rated 10 out of 10 – for example my inner voice telling me that I would never be happy – would drop significantly after just a few rounds. The anxiety around memories that gave me nightmares would disappear. Sara would use EFT on me and tell me what to say, and all I had to do was repeat the words. I left each session feeling so much lighter.

‘I did one of Sara’s tapping workshops a few weeks after our final session, and know it will be a tool I’ll continue using throughout my life. If you want to change your life around quickly, with someone who really knows her stuff, I can’t recommend Sara highly enough.’

Changing negative thought patterns and finding meaning and purpose in life, Indre

Things that surprised me especially after the first session, were how the words Sara and I repeated during the EFT session kept coming back to me in the days later as they were planted there. Since then I am slowly learning to let go of the thoughts that do not matter or at least recognize that they are there.
What is magical (talking about me wishing to be more connected to other people), in the last couple of weeks I met two mums that I enjoy talking to. I actually met one today on the train coming back from town nearby. I try to keep things open and don’t put too many expectations on friendships but consider inviting them to my baby’s birthday. Small things like reading a book for 5 hours, making cards, baking (the cake was weird – chocolate and courgette – but I just laughed) and dancing to a music, staying up past baby’s bed time to talk to my husband show that there are changes in how I feel.

Limiting beliefs, Vas

I went to Sara because I had 2 main issues going on in my life; 1. couldn’t get over some negative stuff which my ex girlfriend had done, and, 2. I seemed to get rid of any money, I was trying to save up, very easily and couldn’t progress professionally. As soon as I entered Sara’s office, I felt very calm, and sensed that I can be open about why I had come to see her. To cut the story short, as a result of my sessions (I bought a package) I managed to let go of the negative things about my ex girlfriend, but even more amazing were my professional changes; money worries have stopped, I started to write my own book, and I’ve also started a blog with the intention of recommending self-help materials to people.”  Thank you very, very much, Sara!!

Changing negative thought patterns, Rupert

When I first heard about Hypnotherapy I didn’t know how to spell it let alone know what it was about.

After my first session with Sara I felt a lot more positive about things and could feel it was really helping me. I had 3 or 4 more sessions and after each one I felt I had made more progress.  If you haven’t tried Hypnotherapy or you are looking for a professional Hypnotherapist I would highly recommend Sara.

Stress and Anxiety, Lesley

I like most people don’t go and seek help when stressed, I trudge on until I hit a wall, and in April of this year after a number of walls, I ended up in A&E with what I thought was a heart attack – at the age of 37! No heart attack – a simple case of being ‘too-stressed’ but it was the most significant wake-up call to do something about it.  A colleague had heard about the incident and recommended that I go and see a lady who specialised in stress management.  At that time I was blaming my job and company for the pressure they were putting on me, I was one of many in my company feeling this way so when my colleague said this lady had made a real difference to her, I took her seriously.

I visited Sara one bleak Saturday morning, and if I’m honest I didn’t really know what to expect and was slightly nervous.  Within 10 minutes of talking to Sara she had gotten to the exact issue at hand!  There was no ‘tell me about your childhood’ chat or questions into areas of my life that had no relevance, she was direct, comforting to talk to and with only a few questions had managed to get to the route of my problems and what was causing the stress.

Sara explained what stress was, why we suffer with it, how everybody’s experience of it is different and then got to working on how she can directly help.  I walked out of that room feeling as if the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders, I was exhausted…emotionally, but what I got in that hour was what I would call a ‘reset’.  She allowed me to be honest, she listened and she counselled and performed a few tricks that made sure I didn’t go on feeling the way I had up to that point.

The overall outcome – my life has changed dramatically and I am pretty much stress-free on a daily basis but the most significant thing that’s changed is that the ‘culprit’ my work, had very little to do with my stress and now I am thankful to work for such a great company with great opportunities.  My advice, you’ll be so surprised at what one session with Sara can do for you…don’t wait until you hit your wall.

Anxiety and low self esteem, Louise

Meeting Sara was wonderful. She’s so bright and cheerful and made me feel instantly relaxed and open. We focused on a number of points in our sessions and she always made me look forward rather than fixating on the past which is definitely something I’ve taken away with me.  I felt that every session was worthwhile. Some forms of counselling I’ve experienced allow you to spend an hour moaning about your day at work or similar when there are much bigger issues at hand. I felt Sara very quickly got to the root of my anxiety and self esteem and we approached it in a number of ways, and I now use some of those tactics in day to day life to help me relax and let go of the past and enjoy the day to day!

Getting over a relationship, Helen

After going through a very difficult break up which resulted in me feeling extremely low, distressed and anxious, I read a magazine article which suggested hypnotherapy to give a helping hand. Although skeptical, I Googled Hypnotherapy and came across Sara. She looked so friendly and warming in her photo, I decided to give a session a go. The day after the session, I began to feel more positive about my future and it really did break the obsession and questions of why and how my relationship ended. I instantly felt more relaxed. I truly would recommend Sara to any individual seeking to calm their subconscious and to find their inner confidence.

Stress and weight loss, Lynn

Sara takes a holistic approach to problems and seemed to easily identify the core issues that needed addressing.  Her sessions were thought provoking, relaxing and ultimately gave me confidence and the results I needed.  Learning more about EFT has been a useful new life skill and one I shall continue to use.

Confidence and anxiety, Nikki

It has now been several years since I graduated from University. Over the last few years I had lost a lot of confidence and was starting to feel increasingly anxious and worried about my future and haven’t really got too far with a career. I have always hated public speaking and blushed easily. I had spoken to a friend who mentioned she had tried hypnotherapy to help with her anxiety and panic attacks and said it really worked.

After reading Sara’s reviews online, and hearing how friendly and easy to talk to she was, I decided to give it a go and make an appointment. I read that most people only need 1-3 sessions, and with money being tight at the moment I was hoping I wouldn’t need any more. I can confirm that she really is a very genuine, friendly lady who I felt instantly at ease with and able to talk to.

After my first appointment I had already noticed a massive change. I am so impressed with the results, it was worth every penny and am so grateful to Sara for helping to bring back my confidence.

Weight loss and drinking, Jinty

I went to see Sara to help me with eating and drinking habits. I felt really unhealthy, overweight, and out of control –  it was making me miserable. With just a couple of months to go until I was due to start IVF treatment I really wanted my mind – and my body – to be in the best possible place, so I could have the best chance of success.  From the moment I stepped through the door, Sara was calming, encouraging and supportive. After just one session of EFT I felt empowered, uplifted and in control. Sara not only talked through some things which may have been holding me back but gave me nutritional advice. My second session involved EFT and some hypnotherapy – which I really enjoyed and found really relaxing. Since my sessions, I have lost half a stone, feel really positive and have happily gone for several weeks without a drop of alcohol. I feel in a much better place and I no longer feel anxious or worried about whether the IVF will work. I now feel positive and confident and ready to face the treatment. Thank you Sara, you’re a star! xx

Stress relief and self confidence, Charlotte

Sara was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so glad of the introduction. After returning to work from maternity leave, I found myself lacking in confidence and overwhelmed by my workload, trying to juggle work and family life while proving my worth. Sara used EFT and hypnotherapy to tackle some of the barriers to my confidence but most importantly she gave me lots of practical advice and encouragement to help me understand just how stress can impact on your ability to think rationally and clearly. Now whenever I get stressed I remember her advice and manage that stress effectively. As a result I am getting the recognition I know I deserve at work and feel so much happier with my ability to juggle work and family life in a positive way. The thing I love about Sara is that she is so approachable, easy to talk to and given her HR background she understands and can deal with work pressures combining hypnotherapy and EFT techniques with some sound life coaching advice.

Changing limiting beliefs, Renata

Recently I realised that I had been following the same unhelpful pattern of choice throughout my life. Sara used a combination of EFT (emotional freedom technique) and Matrix Re-imprinting to find out what belief was hiding in my subconscious mind that was driving me to behave in a certain way.  Matrix re-imprinting is a form of tapping on the energy body that allows you to use the power of your own mind, with the help of Sara, to get back to early memories where you have subconsciously made a decision that has formed a belief in your life.

In my case we were led to a memory of when I was five. Sara was fabulous at pinpointing the moment the decision was made in my mind as a child.  She then unraveled the thoughts of the five year old me.  Effectively re framing the belief I formed at the time so that I couldn’t keep running that belief subconsciously. I would highly recommend this form of therapy as sometimes we do not know why we keep doing the same thing over and over again, such as behaving in a certain way or attracting certain people into our lives. Already I have been making different choices and it is so empowering to do so.

Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Sarah

In the past year I had been finding I was feeling more and more unmotivated in my work, lacking in energy and had been struck down with a variety of illnesses. I wasn’t really sure how to make changes in my life or why I was feeling so low but I knew I couldn’t carry on. I contacted Sara for some help and I am so glad that I did. She really listened to me and helped me realise why I was feeling the way I was. Through excellent relaxation techniques she helped me work through the problems and after just 1 session I felt like a completely different person. A weight was lifted and I could see how to move forward. I have since returned for 2 further sessions with Sara where she has taught me EFT, an amazing technique which I now use independently and with a great level of success.  My new positive frame of mind has meant that I have taken up running, am eating healthier and I have so much more energy! I can’t thank Sara enough and am happy to recommend her friendly, enjoyable and above all effective methods of therapy to anyone.

Generalised Anxiety, Michelle

I saw Sara a few months ago to help me cope with some anxiety I was feeling. I felt I was content in life yet for some reason still felt anxious in certain situations that I never had before. For example I would get anxious whenever I would get to a till in a supermarket. Sara is a great listener, confident and friendly. She made me feel very at ease and comfortable to share my experiences with. She helped me deal with my emotions, showed deep empathy and respect for all the issues we talked about and after our first session I was feeling much calmer in general and my anxiety has disappeared. She gave me the ability to remain calm in supermarket queues. I would definitely see Sara again if I feel I need her support. I wish her all the best in life and true inner happiness.

Anxiety, Claire

For around 6 years I had been struggling with anxiety issues, going out with friends, family or colleagues was really difficult and on many occasions I made myself quite ill.  I had been for counseling and had tried all of the techniques but it still did not get rid of the problem and then I began to think it was just me.  By chance I met with Sara and got talking about the issue, when she said she had treated a number of people with the same problem I felt a great sense of relief straight away.  I have to admit I was skeptical about the hypnotherapy but I was willing to give it a go I had nothing to loose.   I could not be happier, since the session I have been in all kind of social situations that in the past the thought of would have made me physically ill, the first few times I would get to the end of the night and feel relieved that I had got through it feeling ok, as time has past I get to the end of the night and think “what a great night, when can we do it again” something I can honestly say I thought I would never say again.  My husband has also commented on the massive positive change that has happened since the treatment.  I really am so thankful to Sara for this and would urge anyone who is a little unsure to go for it.

OCD and anxiety, Rachael

A recent job promotion caused my life-long feelings of anxiety to escalate to a point where I needed to get some help to cope with stress and to manage my reaction to it. I’m naturally guarded, was very unsure about hypnotherapy and had never heard of EFT. Sara made me feel comfortable and safe to open up. After just 2 sessions I have identified and accepted the real causes of my anxiety and I feel a big weight has been lifted. Sara is warm, caring, patient and very genuine. I’m so much better, calmer and happier, but most importantly, I’m still me. I would recommend anyone wanting to improve their life to see Sara; there is nothing to lose. Thank you Sara, I only wish I’d seen you years ago.

Stop smoking, Louisa, Spain

I gave up smoking with Sara’s help 7 months ago. She helped me identify the causes that triggered my smoking habit. Since then I have made positive changes in my life which have given me the strength to never reach for a cigarette again. My one session with Sara was a thoroughly life changing experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

PTSD and trauma, Leena

I was introduced to hypnotherapy and Sara by my best friend. I was going through the most challenging time of my life after the most traumatic experience I had encountered so far in my life. There was heaviness on my heart every day which was affecting my life in a very negative way. I went to see Sara with an open mind but was not expecting miracles. The one session of tapping and hypnotherapy exceeded all my expectations and I walked out without the heaviness I had experienced for so long. The difficult chapter in my life is now a distant memory and I believe that my session with Sara has enabled me to keep it there for good. I will always be grateful to Sara and my best friend of helping me back to happiness.

Stress relief, Andrew

I attended a session with Sara at Sara Maude Hypnotherapy to help me deal with some major transitions in my life. I was contemplating a major career change whilst also juggling the worries and concerns of impending fatherhood. I found Sara to be a wonderfully warm and welcoming person. I was able to open up instantly and get to some of the more engrained issues I hadn’t really focused on before. Using methods like EFT, we were able to identify certain issues that were causing obstacles and to find the confidence to move forward. If anyone is ever struggling to deal with aspects of their lives and feels they need some help or guidance, I would highly recommend Sara.

Grief and bereavement, Mari

I saw Sara a few months ago to help me stop smoking, but a few days before my first session I lost a very good friend and by the time I saw Sara I was in a very dark place… She helped me deal with my emotions, showed deep empathy and respect for all the issues we talked about and after our second session I was feeling much stronger. I would definitely see Sara again if I feel I need her support.

Weight loss, Rosie

I had reached a point in my life where I knew I need to stop mindless eating and begin to move a little more, I had an insight to Brief Solution Focused Therapy through my work so was intrigued to see how this would work with hypnosis. Making an appointment was easy as was the parking in the nearby London Road car park. The venue was a little hidden but I had superb instructions on how to get there. Sara greeted me at reception and I immediately warmed to her smile and normal appearance. (I had envisaged all hypnotherapists to be sandal wearing 1970’s throw back hippies . . apologies for stereotyping) The room Sara works from is calm and inviting. We spoke a little about my concerns without having to delve back into my past. That in itself is refreshing from previous types of counselling I had endured. I did become quite teary at one point but through a couple of rounds of EFT I was able to talk freely about the upset without having any strong emotions attached to the memory.  I left the building feeling on cloud 12 (9 would have been too low). Did it work? I thought only time would tell so zoomed straight into the supermarket next door. Big mistake as I couldn’t remember what food I normally bought !! I had no desire to snack between meals for the next couple of days but was wondering if I would ever begin to move more. Suddenly I realised I was scrubbing the kitchen floor whilst thinking this. At no point had I had the internal conversation of “I really ought to clean the floor” It was an incredible experience one I would like to repeat at some later point. As for recommending Sara, I couldn’t rate her high enough. Thank you

Negative thought patterns, Recha

Going to Sara I felt instantly at ease. She has a natural warmth that just makes you feel comfortable and understood. She can help you find a solution to your issue without having to go to deep into it, however you can if you wanted to. She has a great energy and I would definitely recommend her.

Child birth, Andi

I was very lucky to have had a fairly smooth labour with my first daughter, with only minimal pain relief needed for the last stage. Tragically my second daughter was stillborn and this left me feeling a little out of control for my third pregnancy. Through friends I had heard of hypnotherapy and this led me to some hypnotherapy sessions with Sara. Sara really helped me focus on feeling in control during my labour, she was brilliant and gave me some fantastic techniques for remaining in control of both my emotions and pain levels and to help keep me relaxed during the birth. I know the techniques I learned and the hypnotherapy I received absolutely contributed to the safe and more relaxed arrival of my third daughter, Kaelin. I would absolutely recommend Sara to any first time pregnant ladies or anyone feeling at all anxious about their pregnancy.

Hair Pulling, Ariela

I approached Sara for hypnotherapy as I was fiddling with and pulling out strands of my hair quite frequently. Although it wasn’t a huge issue, I found it embarrassing and I started to get tufty bits of hair where it would grow back. I was initially quite skeptical hypnotherapy would work but was willing to give it a go. At the session, Sara made me feel very relaxed and at ease. She’s very friendly and chatty and I felt immediately comfortable with telling her things I would have normally found uncomfortable with other people. The actual hypnotherapy was very different to what I imagined and I didn’t drift off or feel like I was asleep – I was just very relaxed whilst Sara talked me through various images. I was very shocked that when I was at home after the session, I didn’t start with the old habit but thought it was just because I was more conscious of it, having just been for the session. However, the next day I didn’t, nor the next! Nearly 6 weeks later and I haven’t felt the urge to go back to the old habit. I can’t thank Sara enough for her lovely manner and for so quickly and easily helping me stop something I’ve done for years! I wish I’d gone sooner and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!”

Stop smoking, Moira

Sara was recommended to me by a friend who had visited for the same reason as me – to stop smoking. Sara was welcoming, warm and put me instantly at ease. All I can say was that the experience was relaxing, wonderful and inspiring. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend hypnotherapy to anyone… and as to the smoking I haven’t thought about it since!

Stop Smoking, Gavin

I had wanted to stop smoking for a long time , I was a heavy smoker and hadn’t managed more than the odd day without cigarettes. Sara assured me that I could be a non smoker after just one session. Well, she was as good as her word, and after one relaxing session I haven’t smoked a single cigarette. There have, of course, been stressful times that in the past would have seen me reaching for the cigarettes, but I now seem to be able to move my mental focus away from smoking and the thought vanishes, as if made from smoke! I have no memory of what happened during our session, but I can truly say that whatever happened was a major milestone in my life. Thank you Sara for doing what everyone said would be impossible!

Gaining more focus, Will

I was recommended Hypnotherapy by a friend to try and get some focus, after trying in vain to juggle a busy work life and part time studying. I was a bit reticent to try hypnotherapy, but took the leap and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sara immediately made me feel safe and relaxed and the session was extremely calming. I came away feeling very relaxed and chilled and after one session I have been more able to compartmentalise different demands on my time and focus on the important things more effectively. Thank you!

Concentration and focus, Guy

Sara helped to identify my needs very quickly. The session has proved successful and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sara to anyone on a personal or business level.

Getting over a relationship, Dawn

I had discussed hypnotherapy with a friend as I had needed some very urgent help for 6 months, the following day I read about Sara Maude and just knew that I was meant to try hypnotherapy. I think I left a message saying that although I had little time during the day, I felt I was breaking down at the edges and needed urgent help, she phoned me back straight away, swiftly made me an appointment and in her presence I felt immediately at ease and felt this was the right thing to be doing. The straight forward and relaxing consultation went well, but I was astounded to realise that all the things which had been constantly unravelling in my mind, like a constant dialogue I was forced to listen to, suddenly just stopped. I sent Sara a text the next day, to say it was such an unusual feeling, that the dialogue had stopped and that if my thoughts flicked near to the issue they seemed to bounce away again as it was encased in an unseen brick. We have spoken since and had a long chat about the difference it had made over night and a few days later. I have been sooooo impressed, thank you Sara……and amazingly just one session!

Stop smoking, Ellie, Spain

Sara was really excellent! I felt very comfortable straight away, she is very professional but is also able to make you feel at ease very quickly as she is a
warm person. I am a non smoker now and I know that I will be for life  !!. She also helped me in other areas that I was not expecting and I really recommend her without a doubt. Gracias Sara! xx

Stop smoking, Emma

I had a great session with Sara. Very relaxing and energising at the same time. I haven’t smoked since and feel completely free of the unhealthy compulsion. I would definitely see her again for help with any other issues and can’t recommend her highly enough.

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