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Hypnotherapy Edinburgh


You are the answer to your problem and Human Givens Psychotherapy will help lead you there.

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Where nothing else works, this works. Re discover the inner and peace and calm that exists within you.

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Hypnosis for public speaking

Do you want to find your inner voice and self confidence to speak in public?

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Overcoming fear and limiting beliefs

Fear of failure? Fear of rejection? Fear of success? Fear of flying? Everything you want is on the other side of fear and hypnotherapy will take you there.

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Hypnotherapy for sleep

What would it mean to you to experience consistent deep and restorative sleep?

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Hypnotherapy for depression

Depression is a strong emotion. It can make the world you see very black and white. Depression is an isolating place to live. Discover how hypnotherapy can move you to a better place.

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Tapping and hypnosis for stress

Stress is a very natural part of life. However staying in the stress response isn’t.

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Skype Hypnotherapy

Experience the power of hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home with Skype and Zoom.

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Hypnosis for weight loss

Is shedding those unwanted pounds become an uphill struggle?  Do you want an easier way to lose weight and feel great in your body? Discover how hypnosis for weight loss is for you.

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Break free from addiction

An addiction in any form can make you feel powerless.  Addiction to alcohol, sugar, gambling, shopping or smoking is the brains way of chasing a feeling. Our addiction specialist has 15 years experience of helping people break free from addiction.

Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Have you had enough of being a slave to smoking? Do you want to take back control of your power, money, energy and time? Our stop smoking specialist is for you!

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