Tell me, do any of these sound like you?

Are you *DONE* with guys using you and ghosting you?

Feel like there’s something wrong with you? 

Afraid to speak your mind and stand up for yourself in relationships?

Tired of flitting from one relationship to the next?

Finding it really hard to be in a healthy relationship?

So over internet dating and swiping left?

Longing for the man of your dreams and a family of your own?

Going through yet another breakup with yet another emotionally unavailable man?


It's time to break free from these relationship patterns and find true love.

Many times people become impatient when they are single.

Yet many never saw a good example of the way you should be treated or how a relationship should be.  

Anxious attachment issues have you holding onto regrets about relationships you’ve had in the past where you thought you should have tried harder, or maybe you broke it off too fast and that normal people try harder and you weren’t being normal!

You’re distraught over the end of a relationship you thought was fantastic. Four months of bliss and connectedness, he said he wanted to be your best friend, move closer so it would be easier to spend time together, he adored you, he was smitten. Then, a week later, he never returned your phone calls.

And you’re wondering why you felt rejected and despondent after breaking up with Mr. So Obviously Wrong.

Your Journey to True Love Begins Here

You’ve tried the law of attraction (The Secret, The Magic etc.) for years but with very limited success. Neither you nor anyone around you could understand why no one is asking you to marry them!

You’ve done years of trauma therapy already but are struggling to find either a (good) partner or a man without a real trauma/abusive relationship history.

And even when you do find a man, things don’t just magically form together once you’re with someone.

You’ve read every single book on the market trying to figure out why your relationships didn’t work or what you had done to destroy the relationship.

Whilst being blinded to the realities and true character of your Mr. Unavailable.

The all too familiar story of attracting oneself to men who are not capable of loving or committing, believing that you can be the one to change them!

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We all become jaded after a few relationships that haven’t thrived as long as we would hope.

You know it’s not about simply being in a relationship.  You know deep down you want more. You want a long term, meaningful connection with a man who loves you to the moon and back. And frankly you’ve kissed enough frogs, and now it’s time to welcome in true love. 

If other women can do it, so can you.

You want a man who:

Is your best friend

Treats you with respect

Supports you in life and shares your dreams with you

Shares your values

Is self awareness and emotionally available

Makes you feel loved, wanted, special and cared for

You can be vulnerable with

You feel safe and secure with

You can talk to, who listens to you and is invested in spending time together

Values who you are

You can trust

The fact is that all of those qualities are out there. But when you know how to create them within yourself, love starts popping out from unexpected places.

The Pathway To Finding True Love will help you to find out who you are and in turn to work out what kind of romantic partner you want to attract into your life.

Think of it as a journey to understand what holds you back and finally understand why you’ve kept having the same man-trouble over and over again!

“my mind has opened up to something I had been blind to before we met last week”

Introducing The Pathway To True Love 1

The Pathway to True Love gives you a complete wake up call.  It’s not only a way to progress in your love life but it is also a reflection of who you are.

You’ll find it eye-opening and comforting to realise that you’re not the only one who seems to be repeating the same patterns over and over again! 

The truth is if you can’t clearly ask and get what you want and need from a romantic partner, or you somehow always fall for the people who can’t give you what you want, or if you are in a relationship that’s not giving you what you need, but you are staying and thinking you must fight for it, this programme will help you understand why you are doing this and provide the healing to stop.

If you’re ready to take an objective look at yourself, and learn why stuff’s gone wrong, (again!) instead of blaming yourself constantly, you find plenty of answers here.

Rather than a light bulb moment, The Pathway to True Love is like a hundred flood lights, a huge realisation and finally an understanding of why your relationships play out the way they do.

It provides a roadmap to navigate this crucial aspect of our lives and helps to tame the emotional hijacking that accompanies such relationships.

The Pathway to True Love will save you years of emotional strife and pain.

“It’s now 5 months since I completed my 5 sessions with Sara. I wanted to wait to write a review so that I could tell you if the changes had lasted. I can tell you that they have lasted and grown even better. It might seem expensive, but it’s priceless. Sara is a wizard, the work she does is extremely powerful. After the first session, I had to sit and stare into space for the rest of the day. Don’t plan anything after you have seen her! She works in a very bespoke way and I was stunned at how individually she tailored things for me, she really listens and takes care. My life is blossoming now, I can imagine the life I want to live and I know how to bring it into reality. I’d never done well in relationships before, attracting the same thing over and over. At age 52 I’d been completely single and not even looking for 3 years. I realised I was ready to be in a partnership again, so I imagined the man I wanted to meet, and he appeared. We’ve been together 5 months now, he thinks I’m a Goddess and I think he’s awesome. We are both right! Thank you Sara, what you have done for me is going to ripple out into the world in so many ways. I’ll make sure of it.”

– Rachel (Rachel has been with her man for 5 years!)

The Pathway to True love is ONLY right for you if….

  • You are DONE with dating Mr. Unavailable
  • You are 100% ready to value and respect yourself
  • You are ready to put healthy boundaries in place in your relationships
  • You have space in your life to fully commit to this journey
  • You have already invested in some healing or therapy but are ready to go all in!
  • You are ready to open your heart to love

Sounds Great...How Does it Work?

Over a series of 10 one hour transformative sessions you’ll….

  • Heal yourself and old patterns of behaviour in order to make space for love
  • Process any childhood traumas that have created patterns which no longer serve you
  • Uncover the parts of you that you’ve been hiding and bring them out to shine
  • Find the crevices in the house of your belief system that are still filled with crud!
  • Gain insight at how you treat yourself and learn how to transform that inner dialogue
  • Dive deeper and heal the wounds that got you to this point 
  • Learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Stop accepting crumbs of affection and start eating the whole loaf!
  • Discover what it really is to value yourself
  • Experience feeling safe to express your needs and opinions in all your relationships
  • Develop a secure attachment pattern in your relationships
  • Feel safe in your body when it comes to your relationships and sexual intimacy
  • Stop letting the past define your dating future
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6 of these transformative sessions are one to one. The additional 4 sessions are where you get to experience the magic of Quantum Flow! Ran as a group session, Quantum Flow is a powerful energetic tool to alchemise stuck energy, upgrade your identity and manifest your hearts desires.

The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming…not for the person we were in the past” – Marie Kondo

Choose The Pathway to True Love

The Pathway to True Love programme will run for 6 weeks where we will meet once a week for 6 weeks.  During this 6 week period you will also be invited to join up to 4 Quantum Flow Sessions. 

£999 plus VAT

To apply to The Pathway to True Love Programme please contact me directly at sara@saramaudehypnotherapy.com