hypnosis for anxiety disorder

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Edinburgh Hypnotherapy for Anxiety disorder

Overcome Fear and Unlock Confidence

Welcome to your first step to overcoming an anxiety disorder.  No matter how long you have been dealing with an anxiety disorder, know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Anxiety is not something you have to learn to live with or cope with.

There are different types of anxiety disorders which include;

Generalised Anxiety – Generalised anxiety, also known as GAD, is where someone has been feeling anxious for a long time that they often can’t remember what made them feel anxious in the first place, or what they are anxious about. In these cases, the anxiety is being fuelled by habitual and repetitive thinking. Using hypnotherapy, I’ll create new neural connections in your brain so that you start to think and feel differently.

Trauma, PTSD and CPTSD – In cases of PTSD and CPTSD, the trauma comes from specific or multiple events which you have experienced, and the memories of those events haven’t been processed in the brain, so they still feel very real.  Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping Therapy and The MAP Method work wonders at processing trauma without the need for you to give an account of what has happened.

Fear and Anxiety – Fear and anxiety go hand in hand. In these situations, the fear is related to a specific task or situation such as interviews, exams or a fear of public speaking

Other anxiety disorders include Health Anxiety; Performance Anxiety; OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder); Social Anxiety; and Panic Attacks.

Anxiety disorders can also be experienced as a combination of anxiety, fear, trauma and panic attacks. This is very normal and common and rest assured, all of them can be overcome.


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Does this resonate with you?

  • Feeling on high alert
  • Overthinking everything
  • Flashbacks and nightmares
  • Second guessing yourself
  • The fear of something bad happening
  • Fear and dread in the pit of your stomach
  • Worry about what other people think of you
  • Panic attacks
  • Holding yourself back in life
Instead, how about saying hello to saying yes to social invitations? Going after that promotion? Being spontaneous? Waking up and getting on with your day? Feeling excited about your future? And not worrying about what other people think of you?
You might have already tried counselling or CBT or been down the medication route but still find yourself feeling anxious. If that’s the case, rest assured you’re not alone! 
Hundreds of my clients felt the same until they discovered hypnotherapy for anxiety and realised the answer to their prayers came in working with the unconscious mind!
Around 96% of everything you think and feel is under the radar and controlled by the unconscious mind. The longer you feel anxious the more you find to feel anxious about. Your mind goes into overdrive thinking the same anxious thoughts over and over again. Which means you develop lots of habits of thought. You might have even forgotten what made you anxious in the first place!
No matter how long you have been feeling anxious, anxiety is not something you have to learn to live with.
What’s creating your anxiety is thinking – and lots of it! And the good news is that with hypnosis, I can access those unconscious patterns of thinking and change them.

Here Laura tells her own story of feeling anxious for years. Laura had been told by her G.P that anxiety was something she would have to learn to live with.  

Not true! Laura blew away YEARS of anxiety in only 3 sessions of hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping.

hypnosis for anxiety disorder

As you will discover I use a combination of anxiety therapies which also include Solution-Focused Psychotherapy, The MAP Method and EFT tapping Therapy. This powerful blend is the perfect anxiety treatment and works with the unconscious mind to enable you to change the inner landscape of your mind.

Together we will;

  • Get to the root of the anxiety disorder
  • Process memories which still have a high emotional charge when you think of them
  • Treat and neutralise trauma; PTSD and CPTSD
  • Help you understand what created the anxiety so that you can see that anxiety disorders are not personal!
  • Learn how to navigate your thinking in all areas of your life
  • Create new ways of thinking that result in you feeling calm, safe, confident and in control
  • Create positive feelings about the future
  • Give you the belief that you can handle what comes along in future