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Psychotherapy In Edinburgh From Sara Maude

Human Givens Solution focused psychotherapy is a leading edge means of moving you away from a problem and towards a solution.

The approach provides a highly practical, ‘joined up’ way of working that looks at the bigger picture in order to see what’s not working in your life and why.

Unlike other forms of counselling and CBT, this brief and solution-focused approach is aimed to help you regain control over your life as quickly as possible.

The benefits of Solution Focused Psychotherapy…

Through the Human Givens basic needs framework, you will gain the understanding of what you need to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life

A solution focused way to identifying the problem and what can be done about it

Connects you with your own internal and external resources

Applies the very latest insights from neuroscience and psychological research

Enables you to understand the cause for the emotional or mental conflict and why you are experiencing this

Research demonstrates that Human Givens therapy (HGT) works quickly and effectively – in four to six sessions on average*

Uses clear, jargon-free language

Provides you with effective strategies to maintain your health and wellbeing

To find out more how this approach can work for you, contact me today and book your private consultation.