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Hypnosis for public speaking

Do you want to feel calm, confident and in control when public speaking?

Have you experienced a rapidly growing anxiety about public speaking? Do you suffer from anxiety presenting to small and large groups?

Do you find that talking in team meetings has becoming an issue and feel that your confidence has vanished?

Rest assured you are not alone.

Public speaking anxiety can be debilitating. Many people even find themselves getting anxious about the possibility of feeling anxious when it comes to speaking in public.

The mere thought of having to do weekly updates in a team meeting, do a presentation or even host a webinar call can be enough to set your heart racing give you sleepless nights and upset the stomach.

What causes public speaking anxiety?

It might surprise you to know that when it comes to public speaking anxiety, it is less about the fear of speaking in public and more about what you think will happen when you open your mouth to talk.

A fear of being judged by other people is top of the list.

Closely followed by:

Feeling under pressure to perform, especially in front of people in ‘authority’

Fear that you will forget your words, stumble over your words or won’t get your words out

Fear that you will have a panic attack or freeze

Belief that you are boring or people will find your boring

Feeling panicked about being the focus of attention

Worrying about blushing in front of people

Fear of rejection

Faith had a long standing fear of public speaking...until she discovered the power of hypnosis

For a number of years, I have suffered from anxiety presenting to small and large groups, resulting in quite a few panic attacks. I knew I needed to get to the route of my issues.  On introduction Sara immediately put me at ease. She was so relaxed, sympathetic and “normal”! After chatting with Sara and practicing some of the EFT techniques and hypnotherapy I couldn’t believe the immediate change in me – I was truly astounded! I have since presented a number of times and that fear I faced for years has now vanished. You have honestly changed my life – thank you!!!!!

How to overcome public speaking anxiety

You may have already tried numerous things including books, therapy and courses to overcome your public speaking anxiety and fears without any real success. While these resources can be great to polish up your skills in presenting, first we need to find the root cause that is triggering the anxiety – rest assured that’s my job!

We will then set to work and….

Process any previous uncomfortable memories about speaking in public that are still a trigger

Create a NEW conditioned response in the brain of feeling cool, calm and confident when it comes to public speaking

Get your speaking confidence to a level you have never experienced before

Address any limiting beliefs you may have about what people think of you

Equip you with tools and techniques to maintain feeling relaxed and confident when you are speaking in public

Find your inner confidence to speak in public - book your free consultation now