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Have you experienced the following?

When it comes to the subject of public speak and the fear of public speaking have you experienced any of the following?

  • Sleepless nights worrying about an upcoming presentation, pitch or meeting?
  • Feeling anxious about feeling anxious about public speaking?
  • The higher the seniority in the room, the greater the anxiety?
  • The more people in the room the anxiety going through the roof?
  • Worry about what people will think of you – a worry about not being seen as smart enough, clever enough or boring?
  • Mentally rehearsing worst case scenario?
  • Insecure thinking about being able to answer questions and being put on the spot?
  • Physical bodily reactions to the thought of speaking in public such as tightness in the chest or stomach churning?

Rest assured you are NOT alone! Whether you have a fear of public speaking about large or small groups, speaking up in a meeting, holding team teams or even delivering online webinars and training sessions, the fear of public speaking is very common!

And the fear of public speaking isn’t specific to the kind of job role you have.  You could be the CEO of a company, a Sargent in the Army, an Early Learning Manager or even a Coach!

You may be surprised to know that the fear is less about public speaking and more about what you think will happen when you do.

A fear of being judged by other people is top of the list.

Closely followed by:

  • Feeling under pressure to perform, especially in front of seniority
  • Fear that you will forget or stumble over your words
  • Fear that you will have a panic attack or freeze
  • Belief that you are boring or people will find you boring
  • Feeling panicked about being the focus of attention
  • Worrying about blushing in front of people
  • Fear of rejection

How to overcome public speaking anxiety

You may already have tried numerous ways to overcome the fear of public speaking such as books on the subject, courses and breathing techniques.

While these can be great resources to polish up your skills in presenting, as a stand alone they won’t address the root of the problem.

Together we will set to work and….

  • Process any previous uncomfortable memories about speaking in public that still have emotion attached to them
  • Create a NEW conditioned response in the brain of feeling cool, calm and confident when it comes to public speaking
  • Get your speaking confidence to a level you have never experienced before
  • Address any limiting beliefs you may have about what people think of you
  • Identify and change any identities you may have created about yourself and your ability i.e. I’m not good enough, I’m not clever enough, I’m not interesting enough
  • Equip you with tools and techniques to maintain feeling relaxed and confident when you are speaking in public
I was sceptical about Hypnotherapy at first, but I was prepared to try anything to address a rapidly growing anxiety about public speaking, even introducing myself in meetings was becoming an issue and my confidence was vanishing. I even found myself getting anxious about the possibility of feeling anxious. My job requires me to speak publicly a lot so being constantly anxious was impacting my whole life now. Sara Maude removed all of the ‘weirdness’ I had previously believed about hypnotherapy from the outset, I started to learn from Sara how our minds work and how they sometimes need some help with programming errors, bugs, capacity and resource management (this is exactly where I think Sara is outstanding – I’m a software guy – everything we talked about was in the context of me and relevant to me based on the time Sara takes to learn about me at every session – as a result I understood everything that she talked about and each session was skilfully personalised for me, the things that I had been blind to suddenly became clear and the solution made perfect sense). I achieved everything I set out to and so much more working with Sara, after only 3 sessions my speaking confidence is at a level I’ve never experience before. Already I am looking forward to every speaking engagement and I’m actually enjoying sharing my story with others now. Sara Maude is an exceptionally talented lady – go see for yourself.
Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Overcome the fear of public speaking now!

Experience feeling calm and confident when speaking in public!