Life coaching and caterpillar soup!

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Life coaching and caterpillar soup!

What has life coaching got to do with caterpillar soup?

And what is caterpillar soup?

Personally, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve found myself in the caterpillar soup phase! Caterpillar soup is what we can go through when we wake up to who we really are. It’s a process of transformation that I have experienced as a result of being coached and one a client can experience as a result of their life coaching journey.

When you wake up to the truth of who you really are, there’s a rush of excitement, of possibility. You feel alive and ready to conquer the world! You feel like you have the Midas touch! You see everything so clearly. There’s a sense of ‘anything is possible!’. A realisation that thoughts are simply that, thoughts! You start to see through the illusion of life and when you experience that breakthrough it’s AMAZING!

And then the shit hits the fan so to speak!

The ego wakes up.

Why the ego doesn’t want you to change!

The ego’s job is to keep things exactly the same because despite being the most demanding part of you, always wanting more, the ego doesn’t want you to grow. Because the more you step into your power. The closer you get to the truth of who you are, the further away from the ego you move. And to the ego that means death.

So the ego pulls out all the stops to keep things the same, to keep you the same and you turn into caterpillar soup. You experience a dip in mood, self-defeating behaviour patterns kick in. The ego will fling at you self-doubt, frustration, anger, anxiety, impatience – whatever it has to keep you right where it wants you, living life from a place of separation instead of trust, faith and belief.

I have had the ego running circles around me in the past, and the dip in mood always feels much greater because of the contrast in my emotion. I’ve gone from feeling sky-high to being dropped into caterpillar soup!

However, just like the process of metamorphosis that a caterpillar goes through, it’s a natural part of us transcending our limitations and raising our levels of consciousness.

From my own experience having my own coach there on hand has been essential in helping me through this process of transformation. When you are swimming around in the caterpillar soup, you don’t always see it. In the same way, you don’t always see the wood for the trees. The crafty ego and the power of thought to make everything seem so real that having a wingman or wing woman in the form of a life coach is like my very own life raft!

The ego is part of you and although it gets a bad rap, it is only ever trying to protect its identity of who you are. Or rather, all your ideas of who you think you are.

That’s why I am a huge believer in long-term life coaching. Some people may think that life coaching is something you invest in for a specific reason, such as a transition you are experiencing in life or if you are feeling stuck and need help, and that can be the case. But to me, life coaching is more than that.

Once a month I sit down with my own coach, who is also a fellow certified Clarity Coach, and we chew the fat. Sometimes I have something specific I want to discuss with her and receive coaching on. Sometimes I may have nothing immediate I want to work through, but the conversation always leads me to where I need to be – even if I didn’t know that at the start of the conversation!

Having that monthly coaching call in the diary also means that if I do fall into caterpillar soup, I have someone with a life raft ready to come and help pull me out 😊

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