How to Be More Confident in Seconds

How to Be More Confident in Seconds

Over the past decade, I have worked with countless individuals as both a personal development coach and a hypnotherapist. The one common desire I’ve encountered with my clients is the wish for greater confidence.

People have described to me how they feel they have lost their confidence. Or had a knock to their confidence. Or are suffering from a lack of self-confidence.

Clients are therefore surprised (and delighted!) when I share with them a little secret – you can’t lose confidence!

The Nature of Confidence

The truth is that confidence is an innate quality within us. It’s a natural state, yet many struggle to tap into it because their mind is focused on all the thoughts, stories and beliefs that are clouding their confidence.

If you believe you have lost your confidence, for example, you’ll experience that as your reality. Thoughts about a loss of confidence, a knock to your confidence, or not having any confidence are going to create feelings of anxiety, self-doubt or insecurity. And that potent combination of emotions will seem very real to you at the time. The more you reinforce a story about confidence – or not feeling confident – the more that story gets accepted as the truth.

But the only real truth is that you can’t see things any other way because you can only experience life from your current level of thinking. This is one of the reasons clients are amazed when after a short series of sessions, where I combine hypnotherapy, personal development coaching, and EFT Tapping to name a few, they begin to feel confident!

I often use the example of confidence being like the sun. Living in Edinburgh, I can’t see the sun every day, but I know it’s there. Similarly, your confidence is always within you, even if it feels hidden by anxiety, insecurity and self-doubt.

Understanding Thought Patterns

When you experience a lack of confidence, it’s crucial to recognise the habitual thoughts running through your mind. As I talk about in the video, often, these are thoughts of failure, inadequacy, insecurity, and worst-case scenarios. These thoughts create an internal storm, making it difficult to experience your natural state of calm and confidence.

Given we experience life around 95% of the time from the level of the unconscious mind, this builds a great case to work with a personal development coach or therapist! Clients often share that it seems to them like I’m reading their minds! We can’t always see the wood for the trees when it comes to our mind (myself included!), yet I can spot my client’s thought patterns and beliefs a mile away.

When you are conscious of something, then you can start to transform it. Clients love experiencing the breakthroughs they experience when working together and a big part of this is because they are now conscious of what needs changing!

Final Thoughts

Remember, confidence is simply the absence of insecure thinking. By addressing and altering your thought patterns, you can rediscover your natural confidence. If you’re in Edinburgh and struggling with confidence and anxiety, reach out for anxiety help in Edinburgh. Whether through hypnotherapy or other forms of anxiety therapy, I’m here to support you on your journey to confidence.

For more insights and support, feel free to get in touch.

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