Can I Overcome CPTSD?

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Can I Overcome CPTSD?

Being diagnosed with a condition can be a scary thing. And having received a diagnosis of Complex PTSD, or CPTSD you might be freaking out!

You may have an idea of what PTSD is, but thought that only applied to soldiers of war. Add in the word ‘complex’ and it’s likely your mind is going haywire.

You are not alone. Most of the clients I help who have received a diagnosis of CPTSD think that this is a permanent condition. They believe something major is wrong with them.

But what if I were to tell you that CPTSD is easy to treat? And that you can completely overcome CPTSD and go on to live a happy fulfilled life?

Let me start by sharing with you the story of Laura. Laura is a Commercial Manager for a renewable energy company. Laura reached out to me after her GP had told her she had CPTSD and signed her off work for a month.

Laura knew she had experienced trauma having been in an abusive marriage for 5 years. But she didn’t understand what CPTSD was.

Laura has escaped the marriage but still has to have contact with her ex-husband about their 2 young boys.

Over the previous 6 months, Laura had been aware her performance at work had dipped. She had gone from being a confident and capable woman to struggling to focus. Feeling a complete lack of energy and motivation and a complete loss of confidence.

Her self-esteem had also taken a bashing and she’d gained weight.

Laura shared with me that she was feeling quite anxious about having to talk about her past. I gave Laura reassurance that we wouldn’t rake over her past, which was a big relief to her.

Over a series of only 8 sessions, I used a combination of Hypnotherapy, MAP and EFT Tapping Therapy on Laura. Each approach has processed the trauma Laura experienced during her marriage. After each session, she left feeling lighter and stronger. She saw that there was hope for her! As a result, Laura got back into running and picking up her old hobbies and interests. Her mind is sharper and calmer and her sleep has significantly improved. A big break though for Laura was no longer viewing her ex-husband as a threat and believing he had control over her. As a result, she feels stronger and more empowered.

As part of her journey, I helped Laura to understand what CPTSD is. I explained that she had experienced ongoing trauma in her marriage, and that’s why it was CPTSD and not PTSD.

In our conversation, I explained to Laura how the brain and body respond to trauma. I helped her see that her decline in performance was not a reflection of her capability. Having returned to work, Laura has experienced this for herself. She has found, to her delight, that she’s performing better than ever in her job!

Laura is one of hundreds of clients I have supported to overcome both PTSD and CPTSD and you can too! Your next step to a brighter happier healthier future starts with the first step. Take yours now by booking your free consultation.

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