How to find freedom from trauma with hypnotherapy

How to find freedom from trauma with hypnotherapy

From Trauma to Freedom and Inner Peace

One of the first few people I ever tried my hand at hypnotherapy on was a lovely lady who was experiencing trauma in the form of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) following a difficult birth.

The client, let’s call her Emily, had been one of the many willing volunteers I was looking for to help me craft my hypnosis and solution-focused psychotherapy skills while I was studying hypnotherapy.

I sat and listened to Emily as she spoke about the trauma she experienced during a long and complicated birth. And while her baby was delivered 16 hours later, she still acutely felt the trauma in both body and mind. Emily had been to visit her G.P. and was diagnosed with post-natal depression and given a course of antidepressants.

6 months later Emily had gone from bad to worse.

Emily wasn’t sleeping well. She was struggling to cope with a new baby and her emotions were all over the shop.

At the time, Emily hadn’t known she was suffering from PTSD. All she knew was that she was feeling depressed and struggling to cope on a day-to-day basis.

Luckily for Emily, a friend had pointed her my way.

I asked Emily to think of the birth and how it still made her feel on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being still incredibly emotional and traumatic. Emily put herself at a 10.

I explained to Emily the truth of what she was experiencing. I gave her some insight into the mind and the brain and explained how we experience trauma. I shared with Emily that her body was still operating from that trauma and her central nervous system was in survival mode.

Breaking things down for Emily in a way she could understand made such a difference. Emily had been feeling she was failing as a new Mother which was only adding to the emotional roller coaster she found herself on.

Understanding that wasn’t the case felt like breathing a huge sigh of relief to her. I went on to use hypnotherapy for trauma on Emily and processed the trauma of her birth while she relaxed in a deep hypnotic trance.

In the space of 30 minutes, Emily went from being a 10 to a 0. When I gently probed her about the memory of the birth of her son she described the memory as being fuzzy. It felt like it was no longer part of her.

Emily returned to see me the following week like a new woman. She described how she’d been sleeping deeper than she had since before the birth (as much as is possible with a newborn!) and she felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She also described how she felt much more in control of her emotions and wasn’t going into an emotional meltdown each day.

Over the last decade, Emily is one of the hundreds of people I’ve seen who have found freedom from trauma with the use of hypnotherapy.

People who have experienced horrific traumas from kidnapping to accidents to rape have all found peace of mind. Releasing the past with the gentle calming experience of hypnosis so that they can live in the present feeling grounded, safe and in control.

Whatever trauma you have experienced, know that it’s now a collection of memories held in the brain. Memories that still have lots of emotion, adrenaline and cortisol attached to them. Memories which have gone on to form beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Hypnosis is a gateway to the unconscious mind, where we can access these memories and process them through the brain into the long-term memory. At the same time, through the use of hypnotic suggestions, stories and metaphors you can change the beliefs and thoughts about the past and rewire the way you think and feel.

Finding freedom from trauma using this approach means you don’t have to unpack everything that happened. In fact, you can say very little about the trauma you experienced.

If you are looking to find freedom from trauma get in touch to find out how hypnotherapy for trauma can set you free so that you can live the life you deserve.

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