How to treat low self-esteem with EFT Tapping Therapy

How to treat low self-esteem with EFT Tapping Therapy

Low self-esteem comes from the identity of who we think we are. That identity is not created intentionally, but instead, from the beliefs that are shaped as a result of our experiences in early life.

Beliefs such as…

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not worthy
  • I don’t belong
  • I’m not loveable
  • I need to be perfect
  • I’m not allowed to be capable
  • I’m powerless
  • I’m insignificant

We may not be aware that we are operating from these beliefs, but we know that we don’t feel good about ourselves.

This was a big insight for Scotts when he came to get help.

Scott initially reached out from a referral because he was struggling mentally. He had previously worked as a Primary School teacher and clashed with the head teacher. He described how she made his life miserable and he would dread going to work. This experience impacted the quality of his sleep and he felt his emotions were very up and down.

Although he had since left the Primary School, he was still holding onto a lot of memories and anger from his experience. He was angry with the headmaster and with himself for not being able to deal with the situation better.

Scott described how he wished he could have been more successful and shared that he felt pathetic and not important.

This is where Scott was introduced to the magic of EFT! EFT Tapping Therapy or to give it its full name, Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping as it’s also referred to is a simple but highly powerful way to tap away and neutralise our thoughts and emotions.

By the end of the session thanks to EFT Tapping Therapy, Scott was left feeling neutral about his previous employment, had accepted it, realised that holding onto the anger was keeping the experience ‘alive’ and felt he could let the past go. I shared with Scott how identities and limiting beliefs are created in the brain and how he; ‘s spent a long time nurturing a ‘story’ about himself which wasn’t true, but it had created a filter system for how he experienced events which had compounded his beliefs

This was highly enlightening for Scott because he shared how had believed that his beliefs about being insignificant were who he was! I reassured Scott that everyone experiences this if they don’t know any different.

In the second session, Scott wanted to work on a feeling that he should be doing more with his time, and that he shouldn’t be wasting time. While tapping on Scott I invited his mind to take him back to where time playing more on his mind and he experienced a greater sense of urgency.

Scott recognised this was when he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer ten years prior. Using EFT Tapping Therapy and Matrix Reimprinting, an advanced form of EFT Tapping Therapy, Scott was able to pinpoint the emotional turn of events from his diagnosis, the shock and the feeling his time was numbered. Using EFT Tapping Therapy we neutralised the events and memories and allowed Scott to form new insights and perspectives about his experience. Until that moment he hadn’t recognised the link between that time in his life to his current day thinking, but now he had seen the link it made complete sense to him.

As the result of a few more sessions where I used a combination of EFT Tapping Therapy and hypnotherapy, Scott turned a complete corner.

He started to meditate, developed compassion for himself and found he had lots of reasons to feel good about himself. He improved his relationship with his wife and found more energy to do things he enjoyed as a result of sleeping better.

Like Scott, low self-esteem isn’t who you are! Instead, it’s a combination of thoughts and beliefs you have formed about yourself that can 100% be changed. Hypnosis is the gateway to the unconscious mind and when that’s combined with energy change techniques such as EFT Tapping Therapy you can create an inner emotional blueprint that generates positive self-esteem!

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