How to stop negative thinking

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How to stop negative thinking

How can I stop negative thinking is a question I have been asked countless times over the last decade of working with people.  And one which has come in from Mark through the ‘Ask Sara’ button on my news letter (sign up to my newsletter and you can hit me up with all your questions!) And it’s a GREAT question!

Thoughts are powerful and when you get caught up in that tangled web of negative thinking you can find your mind going to places it really doesn’t help to go!

The thing with thinking is that given enough time and attention, thoughts start to appear VERY real! 

Especially when these thoughts have formed part of who you identify yourself as.

People often say to me, “I just need to stop thinking negatively or find a way to block out all my negative thinking“. When you try and go into battle with your thinking you can actually create even more inner turmoil and find yourself in a loosing battle.

The good news is that there is an easier way to stop thinking negatively! And you’ll discover how in the video below!

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