Where the fear of public speaking is really coming from

Where the fear of public speaking is really coming from

My client (let’s call him Jake) had come to me to get help in the form of hypnotherapy for a fear of public speaking

Like many before him, he’d already gone down the ‘traditional’ pathway of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to overcome his fear of public speaking with no success.

During our recent session, I helped Jake to understand what is referred to as the ‘outside in misunderstanding of life‘.  

And trust me when I say, when you understand this it’s a GAME CHANGER!

Like countless others, Jake believed that his fear of public speaking was coming from having to speak in public – which logically would make sense!

Interestingly, his fear didn’t apply to all public speaking.  

Jake was fine delivering workshops, and at social events, he was very gregarious. But the moment the word ‘presentation‘ loomed in his mind fear set in.

Chatting to Jake and digging deeper I discovered that his fear was based on….

  • Fear of embarrassing himself
  • Fear about the ‘senior’ people in the room
  • A fear about delivering a presentation to more than 10 to 12 people
  • A fear of making a fool of himself and damaging his reputation
  • A fear of what people would think of him (a fear of being judged) about being seen to be weak
  • Fear of not being able to get his words out

The question I asked Jake is ‘when do you decide to get anxious?’. Jake reflected for a few moments and said generally, it’s about a week before the presentation.

I reflected to Jake that if his fear was coming from speaking in public, how is it possible he can get anxious when he’s not speaking in public, but thinking about it?

This caught Jake out! He’d never considered that it was possible his fear wasn’t coming from speaking in public!  

I also fed back to Jake that if the fear REALLY was only coming from speaking in public, how was he able to calm down after the first 10 to 15 minutes of his presentation and forget about his fears?

For the first time in his life, Jake realised that he was the one creating his experience and that the fear was NOTHING do to with speaking in public!

Instead, Jake was creating an internally generated experience based on the perceptual map and model he carried around inside of his neurophysiology. His map included thought structures, limiting beliefs, an identity about himself, perceptions and old memories.

To Jake, this was liberating! He realised he was no longer a victim of circumstance. 

Using a powerful combination of EFT Tapping and hypnosis I was able to neutralise and process the old memories and change that inner emotional blueprint and complex thought structures so that Jake could have a very different experience of public speaking – one where he feels calm, confident and in control!

For every one of us, our experience is changeable and fluid. But we get caught up in thoughts, thoughts that seem completely real. Thoughts that we nature, give time and energy to and as a result become habitual. These thought structures then create our reality!

But when you realise what’s truly creating your experience in any given moment and learn how to create what you really to feel instead, you realise that’s where your power is ❤️

With a powerful combination of Hypnotherapy, EFT and Coaching, clients have become calm and confident public speakers who find they enjoy speaking in public! Let’s connect on how you can achieve this too. Book a free consultation

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