Are You An Overthinker?

Are You An Overthinker?

Do you often find yourself overthinking?

Worrying about situations in your life?

Analysing in a bid to work something out?

If you resonate with this, know that you are not alone!

With around 70,000 thoughts a day, we’ve all got good at thinking!

But did you know that your thinking creates your reality? Your internal view of what’s taking place in your life.

Whether this is your health, anxiety, finances, a situation at work or a relationship. You can only see the situation based on your current level of thinking. And given 70% of your thinking is repetitive and habitual, that creates a very limited reality!

You might think you need to drop all negative thinking. Or that you need to think more positively.

But what if there was a better way?

An analogy I like to share with clients is one of a snow globe.

If you pick up a snow globe and give it a good shake, you can’t see what’s inside.

If you try and force a snow globe to settle, you’ll end up shaking it up even more!

The only thing that can allow a snow globe to settle is putting it down and allowing it to settle on its own accord.

If you were to imagine your mind is like a snow globe. Every time you get into your head and start thinking about something, you shake up the snow globe. And when your thinking turns to overthinking then you have a blizzard in your head.

You believe that thinking about something is going to give you the answer you’re looking for. When going around and around in your head you’ll find clarity on a subject.

But in truth, all you do is end up stressing yourself out and creating mayhem in your mind.
The answers you’re looking for. The insights. The solutions. The ideas. None of these come from your thinking.

Instead, these come from your innate wisdom.

The universal intelligence that you’re connected to. That’s at the heart of your inner snow globe. But like a snow globe, you can’t hear or see the innate wisdom when you keep shaking the snow globe!

How to settle your snow globe.

What if the first step was being aware that you’d picked up the snow globe? That you had got lost in your own thinking?

Recognising you’d fallen into some old habitual thought patterns?

To stop giving your power away to external events and situations. And to know all the worry, upset, stress or anxiety is a result of shaking the snow globe?

To understand that nothing in the outside world can make you feel anything. That your feelings are created from your thinking?

To recognise that all that your experience is a result of years of conditional thinking?

When I first learnt about the snow globe analogy it made such sense to me. I went online and bought a snow globe to help remind me that when I am frustrated or impatient, I’m not seeing reality. I’m seeing what I think is happening because I’ve shaken my snow globe!

Over time I still find myself shaking the snow globe, because I’m human! But I know I can put it down again. The more I saw the truth of where my feelings were coming from, the less I needed to shake the snow globe.

I used to be very in my head. Often ‘trying’ to work things out from my level of thinking. But that only ever got me tied up in knots and even more frustrated!

So many clients tell me their best ideas come when they are walking the dog. Having a shower. Driving the car. Because they have created room for that innate wisdom to drop into the mind!

This is always a big light bulb moment when they see none of the answers they were looking for came from thinking!

Is it time to stop shaking your snow globe?

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