What do you do to back up?

What do you do to back up?

During my corporate days, I never really thought about backing up my laptop. I simply had to remember to save my work. And worst-case scenario, there’s always the IT department to call on isn’t there? That was until I become self-employed. Even then with everything that is involved in running a business, backing up wasn’t something I made a priority….

That was until a few weeks ago when in true Little Britain style, computer said no.

I’d been traveling to Yorkshire on the train and planning to do some work on the way down. I booted up my trusty MacBook Pro only to find that apparently it didn’t feel like doing any work because I couldn’t access the operating system. Sat on a packed train there was little I could to sort the problem, so I took the tried and tested approach of switching everything off and sending out a little prayer.

Later that day I switched on my Mac and was sure that everything would be OK. Macbooks don’t crash right?! Initially it decided to play ball, however before I could do a little victory dance, the whole system crashed. Game over.

3 days later I was sat at the Genius bar in Apple feeling calm – these guys weren’t called genius for nothing right?

‘When did you last back up?’ asked my genius.

‘hmmm I can’t remember’ me.

After nearly 4 hours sat at the genius bar, my genius explained that my laptop would need to spend the night and there was a chance I could loose everything…

People say that the most important lessons in life are also the most expensive ones. All I could do was practice what I preach which was to relax, let go of the outcome and recognise that if I did loose everything, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Just a big pain in the proverbial.

The next day I received a message to say that my Mac had been fixed. The issue was to do with the motherboard, however everything had been saved.

Let me tell you, the feeling of gratitude that washed over me was palpable!

Those 4 hours sat at the genius bar did get me thinking. What do people do to backup?

What do you do each day to re boot and restore so that you have something to fall back on in times of need?

While I may not have been a genius at backing up my Mac in the past (trust me I am now!), I can share with you the system I have in place to back up my own inner operating system.

1. Journaling most days to get all the bugs in my thinking out of my head and onto paper which always helps me to feel better and gain perspective
2. Taking time to appreciate life and being grateful for what I have and what I receive, no matter how small
3. Not taking life too seriously
4. Having fun…. that’s what we are here for!
5. Tapping away any software issues aka emotional blocks using EFT
6. Aiming to read or listen to a book a week
7. Spending time with people who light me up
8. Spending time in nature
9. Being kind, forgiving and compassionate to myself
10. Aiming for at least 7 hours good quality sleep

What helps to restore you on a regular basis? There’s no right or wrong to what restores you mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m not a big yoga bunny, but people I know
Feel free to take my back up system and create your own so that you never have to shut down and re boot!

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