Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness

I often wonder what effect would take place on the human race if the media spent more time reporting random acts of kindness carried out by people than the doom, gloom and fear it currently spews out on a daily basis.

Would these random acts of kindness compel us to behave in a more caring and compassionate way to one another? Would it lift our spirits and give us greater faith in the human race?

We often hear stories of how people have come together in a crisis to help and support one another, but what about carrying out random acts of kindness without the need for a crisis?

A friend of mine recently found a young women in the street crying. The girl had just broken up with her boyfriend and had no money on her. My friend gave her a hug, a shoulder to cry on and some money. So touched and proud I was of my friend to carry out what seems a simple thing to do, but at that moment would have had a profound effect on this stranger.

We all have to share the same planet and breathe the same air so I invite you all to fill that air with love and compassion by seeing where you can carry out a random act of kindness today.

It could be helping someone on or off a bus with some shopping. Giving someone who needs it your time and attention. Offering your seat on the train to someone who needs it. Giving someone a compliment. Talking to the cashier at the supermarket and asking them how they are. Smiling at a stranger and sending out love to them. Offering to look after someone’s children for a few hours to give the parent(s) some time out. Giving some of your home grown veggies to a neighbour. Making your colleague at work a cup of tea. Offering to get some shopping for an elderly neighbour.

The list is endless!

We get back what we give out, so just imagine how wonderful it will feel when someone carries out random acts of kindness for you!

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