How to use self hypnosis to create magic

How to use self hypnosis to create magic

Have you ever wondered that despite having access to a whole world out there, why nothing new ever happens in your life?
How life seems so routine and predictable?
My question to you, is do you ever expect it to be different?
When you wake up do you take a few moments to create your day in your mind?  Or do you roll out of bed and plunge straight into your morning routine?
If you have children or have ever watched children, you will know that for them, life is one big adventure. Every day is a new day where they expect fun.
When did that change for you?
What would it be like if you woke up and expected something good, fun or magical to happen to you every day?

I’ll let you into a secret. You can. You just have to re wire your brain circuits into expecting that. Or you could call it self hypnosis!

Before you start to hypnotise yourself, ask yourself;

what are you currently wired to expect in your life?

Your brain processes 400 billion bits of information per second. You are only aware of 2000 bits. That’s a whole lot of reality you are missing out on.

The 2000 bits you are aware of are formed by your thought patterns and beliefs.

If you have, through the way that you think (or self hypnotised yourself into thinking!), created circuits in your brain to expect the worst in every situation. Guess what you are going to see show up?!

If on the other hand, you have practiced the thought long enough to expect magic to show up every day, then guess what you will start to see?

The key is, you have to create the thought pattern, the neurological connection, and sustain it through repetition.

Meaning if you were to spend a few minutes every morning when you wake up doing some self-hypnosis by simply thinking to yourself, ‘something magical is going to happen to me today’. And in your mind you imagined what you would like to happen, or just focused on the feeling of something positive happening to you, and you practiced that routine every single day for 30 days, you would create a new circuit in your brain to expect something magical to happen.

In that 2000 bits of information your brain is letting through to you, you would start to see evidence of wonderful things happening to you.

The secret to success is sustaining those new circuits in your brain every day.

Some might call this self hypnosis, some might call it manifestation. It really doesn’t matter which. Either way you have the power of the mind to make magic happen in your life.

Try it for 30 days and see what you can conjure up. Do drop me a line because I’d love to hear about your success!

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