Everything you want is on the other side of fear

Everything you want is on the other side of fear

‘Change is scary, growth is scary, but nothing is more scary than staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong’

It’s Halloween today and as everyone get’s dressed up as ghosts and ghouls and prepares to have fun it got me thinking about what’s more scary than Halloween.

As I was contemplating how our experiences in life have the ability to scare us my phone rang. A very dear friend wanted to have a chat to bounce something off me. Having sent out a message to the Universe a few months ago that he wanted change in his life, the Universe has as efficiently as Amazon, delivered just that. Not only had he been headhunted for an incredible new job role, he had also been offered the opportunity to go to South America and set up a retreat (do be careful what you wish for!).

Yet he was freaking out a little because it had all happened so fast and there was an element of fear hanging around about taking a leap away from all things safe and familiar to stepping into new territory.

The conversation made me wonder how true this is for many of you (me included!)? You want something, yet when it comes, it can scare you and you may find yourself self-sabotaging an opportunity in order to stay with the familiar and perceived safety of what you know.

Fear is only the mind trying to keep you safe. The mind and your survival mechanism is programmed to look for ‘scary’ things in order to protect you. It’s how the species have survived millions of years.

Unfortunately the mind doesn’t know the difference between real fear and perceived fear. It doesn’t know the difference between an amazing life changing opportunity and being faced by a lion (or as it’s halloween, a ghost!).

If you wanted to sky dive out of an aeroplane free fall with no parachute, your mind may be onto something by triggering your survival response.

However, if you want to start singing in a choir, or setting up your own business or going on a date….does it really need to go nuts?

The most scary thing of all is staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

George Addair is quoted as saying: “Everything you‘ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

Think about it…sabotaging opportunities ‘just in case things don’t work out’? What if the dream job, dream relationship, business opportunity to simply a chance to have fun and enjoy yourself was on the other side of fear?

If you need a helping hand to zap away the fears and ghosts of memories past from your mind, enabling you to move forward with confidence, then book a session today.

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