Need an energy boost? Try this.

Need an energy boost? Try this.

Body Attack….and 55 minutes of what I can only describe as intense torture.

I have a love hate relationship with Body Attack. I hate the workout class because of the burning feeling in my thighs when doing 6 million lunges. However afterwards I love the feeling that I have really pushed my body.

Today however, despite sporting my new Sweaty Betty workout gear (I’m sure they named the brand after me) I was only 30 minutes into the class when I had nothing left to give. I dug deep for whatever energy was lurking in the depths of my body, however my energy levels were akin to the flashing light on a car telling you that you need petrol.

Because I have been ramping up the number of work outs I am doing each week, I was sure I should have more energy, not less energy!

Therefore, having made it to the end of the class, I went and had a chat with the instructor and asked her what I needed to be doing more of to boost my energy.

Food. You need to be eating more.

Eating more….now this was good news! Suddenly I had a spring in my step because my mind had started to think what delicious feast I could conjure up for breakfast.

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How to boost your energy….identify your energy drainers.

You may not need an energy boost to commit yourself to Body Attack each week (you are welcome to come and join me!), however where are the areas of your life where you would relish more energy,?

Do you want more energy to do things after work? Do you want to be able to start your day feeling alive? Do you, like me, want energy to give your body a great workout? Do you want more energy to do the things you love? Or to enable you to keep your focus at work? Or simply to have the energy to cook when you get home instead of reaching for something easy?

In order to boost your energy, first up you need to pin point – What is draining your energy?

Common energy drainers

An old energy drainer of mine, for instance, used to be playing Florence Nightingale to everyone. I’d go out of my way to help friends or acquaintances. And even back in the days when I worked as an HR Manager I went the extra mile to help people write their CV’s, offer employment advice and give guidance on people matters. Now when I look back at my years as a therapist, I am amazed I had any energy for myself at times, because I was too busy trying to rescue everyone!

Do you resonate with this?

  • Are you too busy trying to take care of everyone else that you have nothing left for yourself?
  • Do you need to learn to say NO more often and be more protective over your time?
  • Maybe you feel guilty about having more time to yourself or feel that its self indulgent?
  • Are you letting your workload get in the way of you taking a proper lunch break? Do you need to start to work smarter instead of harder?
  • What about the energy (and time!) stealers such as social media for example? Staying up late watching TV or playing computer games?

Whatever is draining your energy or where you are giving away your energy, ask yourself what you can commit to doing that will enable you to take back your energy. What simple things can you start to do each day that will top up your energy tank?

Above all, you can’t drink from an empty cup.

As for me, I am going to try my hand at making homemade energy bars!

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