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Hypnotherapy public speaking

Public speaking - overcome your fear

Given the choice most people would choose to do anything other than speak in public. Even giving a presentation to a handful of people can be enough to bring most people out into a cold sweat and endure several sleepless nights running up to the day of the presentation.

I have known clients who prior to seeing me,  have resorted to thinking about resigning from their job and finding another job where they don’t have to do any form of public speaking or give presentations. This can seem a drastic measure but the fear of public speaking can to some people, be worse than swimming in shark infested waters.

Most fear of public speaking comes from an earlier experience in our lives when we had to speak in front of people and it didn’t go well. For example, a time when you were at school and you had to read something to the class and you couldn’t get your words out properly. At the time is may have felt like the children in the class were judging you or laughing at you. And in that moment you felt like you wanted to run away and hide. Instead of being able to run away the teacher made you do it again, putting you under even more pressure.

Without knowing it, your mind will have recorded all the details of that stressful experience and labelled it as ‘do not do this again, it’s dangerous’.

Fast forward twenty years and as part of your job, you are required to do a presentation. Even the mere thought of the presentation and speaking in public is enough to remind your subconscious mind of that very early memory and the warning bells start to signal. Simply thinking about the presentation can be enough to;

  • Make your heart beat faster
  • Stop you sleep well
  • Give you the feeling of ‘butterflies in your stomach’
  • Make you feel highly anxious
  • Make your mouth dry
  • Give you an upset stomach
  • Feel like you can’t breathe properly
  • Make you feel panicked 
  • Make you start to sweat

The reasons you have a  fear of public speaking may vary from;

  • Worry about being judged by colleagues
  • Feeling under pressure to perform especially in front of people in senior roles
  • Fear that you won’t be able to get your words our properly
  • Worrying what others will think of you
  • Bring anxious that you will forget what you have to say
  • Dreading being asked a question you are unable to answer
  • Feeling panicked about being the focus of attention
  • Worrying about blushing

Hypnotherapy public speaking

How I can help you overcome your fear of public speaking

King George VI famously got over his fear of public speaking and stammering with a variety of techniques as displayed in the Oscar winning film The Kings Speech. You can rest assure I may use some novel techniques to overcome your fear of public speaking but I leave the tongue twisters aside.

I will identify any memories held in your mind that are causing you to experience feelings of panic, anxiety and fear about speaking in public and using a combination of hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) I will process the memories to prevent them from triggering in the future. I will then help you;

  • overcome any worries and insecurities you have about speaking in public
  • calm down your mind so that when you think about speaking in public or doing a presentation you feel calm, relaxed and more confident
  • teach you specific practical ways to prepare for any presentations or public speaking
  • give you tools to use the night before or on the day to boost your confidence

Read how John overcame his fear of public speaking……

“I was due to give a best man speech to a room full of mostly media folk, and was understandably nervous, especially as I have a fear of public speaking. I spoke to Sara on the phone to see if she could help and booked an appointment there and then. Sara used a variety of techniques to both bolster my confidence in public speaking, and counter all the negatives I had and left me feeling very positive. The session was very relaxing, at the end of which I felt I had covered a lot of ground and felt very confident in conquering my nerves. The actual speech itself went very well, much better than I could possibly have hoped for, and I very much put this down to my session with Sara. Highly Recommended!!

Overcome your fear of public speaking and presentations today by making an appointment to see me and reprogram your mind to feel calm, relaxed and in control when speaking in public.

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