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Hypnotherapy public speaking

Public speaking - overcome your fear

Given the choice most people would do anything except public speaking!

Even speaking up more at team meetings can be enough to bring many out in a cold sweat and endure sleepless nights.

I have known people who prior to working with me,  have resorted to thinking about resigning from their job rather than give a presentation at work.  This can seem very drastic, yet the fear of public speaking can be akin to swimming in shark infested waters.

The fear of public speaking generally originates from earlier experiences in your life when you had to speak in front of people and it didn’t go well.  This could have been for example, reading aloud in class at school or a presentation at University.

Those experiences, which created high levels of emotional arousal and triggered the bodies survival response, known as the ‘freeze, fight or flight’ response, are recorded in the brain.  

Fast forward twenty years and you find yourself in a situation where you are required to do a presentation. Even the mere thought of the presentation is enough to trigger the stress response and you can experience the following…

  • Heart beating faster
  • Endless sleepless nights
  • The feeling of butterflies in your stomach
  • Dry mouth 
  • Knot in your stomach, or upset stomach
  • Feeling overwhelmed

When it comes to public speaking, the problem isn’t the actual public speaking, but rather a deeper fear of what you think will happen when you speak in public.  For people this will vary between…

  • Worry people will judge you
  • Feeling under pressure to perform, especially in front of people in ‘authority’
  • Fear that you will forget your words or stumble over your words or won’t get your words out
  • Fear that you will have a panic attack 
  • Belief you are boring or people will find your boring
  • Feeling panicked about being the focus of attention
  • Worrying about blushing in front of people
  • Fear of rejection

Why hypnotherapy for public speaking works

King George VI famously got over his fear of public speaking and stammering with a variety of techniques as displayed in the Oscar winning film The Kings Speech.  Rest assured I use a number of powerful  techniques to blast your fear of public speaking but I leave the tongue twisters aside!

Once we have identified the root cause for the fear (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is, I will decipher this for you!) we will set to work to..

  • Process any previous negative experiences where you spoke in public through the brain to stop you triggering the anxiety of speaking in public
  • Create a NEW conditioned response in the brain of feeling cool, calm and confident when it comes to public speaking
  • Address any limiting beliefs you may have of what people think of you
  • Discover specific practical ways to prepare for any presentations or public speaking
  • Learn tools and techniques to use the night before or on the day to boost your confidence 

Read how John overcame his fear of public speaking……

“I was due to give a best man speech to a room full of mostly media folk, and was understandably nervous, especially as I have a fear of public speaking. I spoke to Sara on the phone to see if she could help and booked an appointment there and then. Sara used a variety of techniques to both bolster my confidence in public speaking, and counter all the negatives I had and left me feeling very positive. The session was very relaxing, at the end of which I felt I had covered a lot of ground and felt very confident in conquering my nerves. The actual speech itself went very well, much better than I could possibly have hoped for, and I very much put this down to my session with Sara. Highly Recommended!!

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