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What do you do to back up?

by Sara Maude on June 12, 2018

in Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

I don’t know about you, but in the past I’ve had a slightly more ‘relaxed’ approach to keeping the contents of my MacBook backed up.

That was until a few weeks ago when in true Little Britain style, computer said no. I had been traveling to Yorkshire on the train and planning to do some work on the way down. I booted up my trusty MacBook Pro only to find that apparently it didn’t feel like doing any work because I couldn’t access it. Being sat on a packed train there was little I could do to resolve the issue, so I took the tried and tested approach of switching everything off and sending out a little prayer.

When I reached my destination, I pulled out my lap top and tried again. Initially my Mac decided to play ball however before I could do a little victory dance, the whole system crashed. Game over.

3 days later I was sat at the Genius bar in Apple feeling calm – these guys weren’t called genius for nothing right?

‘When did you last back up?’ asked my genius.

‘erm I can’t remember’ me.

After nearly 4 hours sat at the genius bar, my genius explained that my lap top would need to spend the night and there was a chance I could loose everything…

They say the most important lessons in life are also the most expensive ones. I sent out a not so little prayer that this would not be one of mine.

The next day I received a message to say that the lap top had been fixed, it was a hardware issue however, everything had been saved. The feeling of gratitude within me was tangible. Needless to say I now have a brand new supersonic hard drive…

Those 4 hours sat at the genius bar did however get me thinking about what as humans we do to back ourselves up?

What do we do each day to re boot and restore so that we have something to fall back on in times of need?

The human brain is very much like the Mother board of a computer, yet I wonder how many of us are guilty of taking better care of our computers, lap tops, i pads and smart phones than we are our own brain?

While I may have not excelled at backing up my MacBook in the past, I do have my own personalised brain back up system!

1. Journal every week and get all the bugs in my thinking out of my head and onto paper.
2. Appreciate everything and develop an attitude of gratitude.
3. Don’t take life too seriously.
4. Have fun….that’s what we are here for.
5. Tap away any software issues aka emotional blocks using EFT.
6. Read a book a week.
7. Spend time with people who light me up.
8. Spend time in nature doing nothing.
9. Be kind to myself.
10. Aim for at least 7 hours good quality sleep.

Feel free to take my back up system and create your own back system so that you never have to shut down and re boot! And one last thing – actually remember to back up!

About: Sara Maude 

Sara Maude is a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and EFT practitioner based in Edinburgh providing both 1 - 1 and Skype sessions internationally. Sara provides problem-free therapy which goes deep into the heart of the subconscious mind to create powerful long lasting change.Follow Sara on Google+

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