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Anxiety is like an old mattress

by Sara Maude on December 29, 2017

in Hypnotherapy Edinburgh

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Having had my parents stay with me for Christmas, they both expressed that my 8 year old mattress was hard and uncomfortable.  Personally, I had never felt that about my mattress but given its age, decided to go shopping for a new one.

So off I went to the land of Dreams and tested a number of mattresses and opted for one that was so soft it felt to me like I was lying on a cloud.

Now that I have spent the last few nights back in my old bed, on my old mattress, I realise that my parents were right.  Despite having always slept well in my bed, the contrast of the new super soft mattress made me see that my old mattress was indeed hard, the springs were gone and it was uncomfortable.  I am  amazed at the sheer contrast of the two.

The experience got me thinking about anxiety, and how when someone has coped for so long feeling anxious, that they too can forget how good life can feel.

Some of my clients have experienced feeling anxious for a few months and are at the stage where they are still acutely aware of the sensations within their body, their racing hearts, the inability to relax, the awareness of their mind which is on constant overdrive.

Other people I have seen have felt anxious for many years, in some cases, for over 30 years.  These individuals have coped for so long wearing the anxiety like a second skin, that when the anxiety has lifted, they are amazed at how different life feels.  To be able to wake up and look forward to the day ahead, to be able to see life in colour once again.  To many clients it feels like they have achieved the impossible because the contrast of where they are now from where they were is so great.

The analogy of the mattress reminds me of many aspects of life, mental illness, pains in the body and even relationships that perhaps we are simply putting up with or tolerating because we have forgotten how amazing we can feel, if we make a change.

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