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Mens hypnotherapy

“I’d like to start by saying that I can’t recommend Sara highly enough. I made an appointment with Sara as I had been feeling low for several months after a major career setback. Sara started by listening carefully to what I had to say and quickly identified the root cause of my low mood as being due to a long standing poor relationship with money. Sara used both hypnotherapy and EFT to address this issue and after only 3 sessions I no longer suffer from the unhelpful thought processes that were leaving me feeling down. I’m now feeling very positive about life and the possibilities it holds.” Mark

Mark is just one of the many men who have experienced incredible success in achieving their goals with hypnotherapy.

Men often operate under the belief they should be ‘tough’ and ‘get on and deal with things’.  However, men, like you, are still human.  In the same way a car requires a mechanic from time to time, men need someone to get under the bonnet that is the brain and get some new parts installed.

Geoff didn’t think any form of intervention was for him, and suffered in silence for years.  This is how his life has changed after taking the plunge…

“I can only give Sara a 5 star rating anything less is not worthy of the work she does and if I could give a six or seven out of five I would. My experience with Sara was after the huge amount of help she gave my wife, I realised I had an anger problem, something I had known for a long time but never known how to deal with. I have always thought you can sort these things out yourself, a man should be strong enough to deal with these problems, should not need to ask for help etc etc but after seeing the amazing, rapid , positive change in my wife after being hypnotised by Sara and the fact it was on Skype!! I asked her to help me also and I can only say that she has changed our lives and would recommend anyone to try this therapy because you will be amazed at the effect it can have on things you thought you could never change.” Geoff

I have helped lots of men overcome a variety of issues including…

  • Addictions such as cocaine, smoking and gambling
  • Sexual performance, sexual confidence and sexual identity
  • Anger 
  • Self confidence and self belief
  • Stress management
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Anxiety and panic attacks

If you are a man looking for help with someone who will;

  • Get to the root of the issue quickly and easily
  • Explain the neuroscience of what is occurring in the brain
  • Tackle the issue without the need for delving into your life history
  • Work with you compassionately and methodically

Then book your free consultation on line today and find out more about how hypnotherapy can work for you.