How to create change in your life

How to create change in your life

I am so excited I could burst!  In the last two days I have come up with an idea for my business that makes my heart sing.  You will have to wait for the unveiling of the idea as it continues to ferment in the depths of my mind, but it has given me the inspiration to write this post about how to create change in your life.

So many of my clients have written to me recently after having created change in my own life, I told them I was moving to Edinburgh to start a new chapter.  Many wished me well and thanked me for helping them find their way in the world, discover their inner strength or as many said, quite literally help ‘change their life’.

These messages were incredibly moving for me to read and did bring a tear to my eye, yet what was equally as wonderful to read were the messages from people who have found inspiration from my personal story.  

As many of you who read my first published article in Tiny Buddha on how to create change in your life, you will know, I wasn’t always a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.  As highlighted in the article a series of twists and turns led me on a journey to where I am now – and my clients are fascinated by this.  For many my story gives a sense of hope and possibility. 

As part of the new chapter in my life I have been mulling over some ideas about my business, but had become a little stuck with what direction to take it in.  I felt like I ‘should’ be taking my business in a particular direction, but deep down, it didn’t feel right.  I knew I wanted to do something with my business that continued to fuel my inner passion.  So I took some time out, poured a glass of wine (great for the creative juices if you stop at one!) and allowed my mind to wander.  I really thought about what lit me up and how I could turn that into something that would be of value to the world.  As I sat letting those thoughts just flow and not analysing them, I happened to look across the room at a photograph of a friend I loved dearly, who passed away two years ago.  Suddenly it hit me.  It was like the Universe answered my question and before I knew it I was downloading all these amazing business ideas from my mind onto paper.   I was so excited when I’d finished I could have burst – always my inner guidance that I am on the right path.

Simply by tuning into what I loved, what made my heart sing, thinking of topics I had always been drawn to, I was able to see how I could combine my passion with my skills to create something magical…….women of the world watch out because what I have designed will blow your mind!

Create Change In Your Life You Can Do It

How to create change in your life

To create change in your life, you have to get a sense of what you want.  You have the gift of imagination, so to utilise this effectively take yourself off somewhere that you can be alone for a while with your pen and paper, relax and get yourself in a ‘happy’ space.  If you try visualising while you are feeling angry or in despair, it can leave you feeling like you can never create change in your life.  So chill out, think about what you feel grateful for in your life right now and allow you mind to wander…..

  • Think about what lights you up
  • What makes your heart sing?
  • What have you always been drawn to?
  • What gift have you got to share with with world?
  • What would you do if money were no object?
  • If negative thoughts arise, write down positive ones to counteract them

Enjoy the process of letting your mind wander over possibility.  If you try and ‘force’ it to happen or put up reasons why you think ideas wouldn’t work, you will likely find yourself putting up a brick wall against your ability to let the ideas flow.  Simply by enjoying the experience of tuning into a field of possibility you will put yourself in a place where ideas can begin to join up.  The more you do this, the more you will link to your internal information store, the answers, the sign posts, the light bulb moments, and that’s when the real magic can start to happen.

Above all, remember life is a gift and it’s too short to be lived on anything which doesn’t make your heart sing.

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