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How to deal with stress Can you remember a time when you felt stressed out? Maybe it was only yesterday! How did it feel? Perhaps you felt as though your thoughts were on overdrive? That your head was swimming? Your shoulders and stomach were knotted? And that you just wanted to run away to

Does hypnosis work?  A question I am asked time and time again!. I'd hope so given the fact I am a hypnotherapist! I do confess that despite having spent many years studying the power of the mind and how to use hypnosis to create change and transformation within a person, I

Did you know that taking a little gentle exercise on a regular basis can have a powerful effect in reducing anxiety? The physical benefits of exercise are vast and not only keep you fit but have long been know to prevent physical conditions and dis-ease. Exercise is also considered crucial for maintaining mental fitness, and

You weren't even hungry, but after your day where the train broke down, you missed your early morning meeting, discovered that you had left a document at home that you really needed, and had a one to one with your manager who you don't really get along with, you needed something. So