Am I speaking in tongues?

Am I speaking in tongues?

Consider this for a moment. A company made up of 1 person from every country in the world. All working under the same roof. All coming from different cultures, different religions, with different values, different ways of doing business, even for many, speaking a different language all together. Carnage?

Now consider this. How different is the place you work compared to the concept above? You may all speak the same language, but why is communication still a challenge? Why are there days when you feel you must be speaking an entirely different language because no one is listening to what you are saying? If everyone can speak English where did the term ‘fallen on deaf ears’ even generate from?

Communication. Something we think we are doing all day every day, but there is a LOT more to communication than the words you speak. Actually the words you speak only represent 10% of the way you communicate. A huge 60% is body language picked up by the subconscious part of the mind and the remaining 30% is sounds such as tone and pitch.

Throw into the mix the fact that some people are predominantly either visual, audio or kinaesthetic when it comes to communication and you add another barrier to the way people communicate with one another.

On top of that, whilst we are busy reading all the non verbal queues we are also picking up on the energy each one of us is emitting – note the term radiators and drains and you will understand what I am referring to!

If that wasn’t enough, take into account all the background noise in people’s mind about the argument they had with their partner last night that is still going around in their mind making them feel hurt or angry. Or the difficultly they may be experiencing with one of their children which is getting in the way of them being able to focus properly on the job in hand.

When you weigh up all of the above, is it any wonder you think ‘am I speaking in tongues?!’.


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