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PTSD hypnotherapy treatment


PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is highly common. According to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, 1 in 20 men and 1 in 10 women will experience PTSD at some point in their life time.

We often associate PTSD as being something that soldiers coming back from war have.  The truth is that any number of experiences can cause us to be traumatised. 

Some of these traumas may be as a result of major life threatening experiences including;

  • An accident e.g. a car accident
  • Physical abuse or mental abuse
  • Sexual abuse or rape
  • Growing up in a violent household
  • Being attacked 
  • Being trapped on public transport during a terrorist attack

PTSD can also be caused by lesser life threatening experiences including;

  • Bullying at school or at work
  • Bullying by a parent or sibling
  • Public speaking
  • An upsetting conversation or argument with a loved one
  • An unpleasant flight

There are no limitations to what causes PTSD. This is because anything which you perceive as a threat to your survival, no matter how big or small, will trigger your survival response, known as your flight and flight response.

PTSD occurs when the event that created the trauma, or multiple events, are still very live in your brain. In simple terms, the experience(s) hasn’t been processed through the brain. This means that anything which reminds you on a subconscious level of that experience will cause an alarm to go off with in you.  Even if the memory of what took place was 30 years ago, it can still feel like it was yesterday to you.

Long term, PTSD creates the following effects on your physically, emotionally and mentally:

  • Unable to focus or concentrate or absorb information
  • Difficultly sleeping 
  • Feeling anxious
  • Unable to think clearly, like you have brain fog
  • Problems relaxing
  • Unable to think rationally and often thinking ‘worst case scenario’
  • Panic attacks
  • Gut malfunction (persistent diarrhoea, constipation or symptoms of irritable bowel)
  • Prone to infection
  • Emotionally unable to see a different perspective

The good news is that PTSD is easy to treat using specific hypnotic techniques and through the use of EFT (emotional freedom technique).  There is no need to talk about the event or drag up old memories. 

Clients have been amazed that a memory that was once very real to them feels completely different after receiving treatment in a session. 

Find out today how you can achieve freedom from what you are experiencing.

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Post Traumatic Stress, Sarah

In the past year I had been finding I was feeling more and more unmotivated in my work, lacking in energy and had been struck down with a variety of illnesses. I wasn’t really sure how to make changes in my life or why I was feeling so low but I knew I couldn’t carry on. I contacted Sara for some help and I am so glad that I did. She really listened to me and helped me realise why I was feeling the way I was. Through excellent relaxation techniques she helped me work through the problems and after just 1 session I felt like a completely different person. A weight was lifted and I could see how to move forward. I have since returned for 2 further sessions with Sara where she has taught me EFT, an amazing technique which I now use independently and with a great level of success.  My new positive frame of mind has meant that I have taken up running, am eating healthier and I have so much more energy! I can’t thank Sara enough and am happy to recommend her friendly, enjoyable and above all effective methods of therapy to anyone.