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Limiting Beliefs – Release Yours

Limiting beliefs come in many different forms.  The more common limiting beliefs that you may recognise within yourself are…

I’m not good enough

I’m not worthwhile

I’m not loveable

I’m hopeless with money

Nothing ever works out for me

I never get anything right

I’m stupid

I’ll never be successful

Life isn’t fair

Limiting beliefs have gained their name because they limit you and your potential.  Buried deep within the unconscious mind, limiting beliefs influence the way you think about yourself; your emotional responses to people and situations and your behaviours.

For example, if you have a belief that ‘I’m not good enough’ then you may find yourself staying within your comfort zone; not seizing opportunities that come your way; not following your dreams; eating too much or constantly criticising yourself and giving yourself a hard time.

Yet limiting beliefs also have a strangely protective quality to them.  If you have the belief that ‘things never work out for me’ then you may find that you start things and never complete them so that you avoid getting hurt or rejected.

Have you ever stopped and challenged your beliefs?  

Many people never really ask ‘why do I choose to believe this about myself?’, they simply let their limiting beliefs run the show.

All of your core beliefs are actually formed in the brain before the age of 7.  This is one of the reasons your beliefs are so limiting, because the situations and events, from which the belief was unconsciously formed, were when you were only a child and didn’t have the cognitive ability or emotional resources to reframe the experience.

Limiting beliefs can be released!

At a neurological level, a belief is only a thought you keep thinking.  Because the brain is made of neural plasticity, it can be changed – which means your beliefs can be rewired.

Many therapies only use one approach to address a problem.  However as my clients find, a combination of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, hypnosis and NLP get to the root of the limiting belief quickly and effectively, creating the shifts needed to form new supportive and life affirming beliefs.

Career set back and changing my belief about money, Mark

I’d like to start by saying that I can’t recommend Sara highly enough. I made an appointment with Sara as I had been feeling low for several months after a major career setback. Sara started by listening carefully to what I had to say and quickly identified the root cause of my low mood as being due to a long standing poor relationship with money. Sara used both hypnotherapy and EFT to address this issue and after only 3 sessions I no longer suffer from the unhelpful thought processes that were leaving me feeling down. I’m now feeling very positive about life and the possibilities it holds.

Stop limiting your life and start living the life you want.