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Hypnotherapy for depression

  • Do you often wake up feeling exhausted?
  • Do you find it hard to switch off your internal thoughts?
  • Do you lack motivation to do any of the things you would usually enjoy?
  • Do you find it hard to lift your mood?
  • Do you feel you have lost you zest for life?

Many of us will have experienced feeling flat from time to time, but how can you tell the difference between a period of low mood to actual depression?

Depression stops you from being able to put your problems into context or find ways to lift your mood.  It effectively locks you into a hypnotic trance where you struggle to focus your attention away from how you feel.  You find yourself just existing each day and not actually ‘living your life’.  

Do you want to break the cycle of depression?

Hypnotherapy for depression is the most effective treatment for depression because of its organic mind/body approach.  Anti depressants only serve to repress your emotions and do not treat why you feel depressed in the first instance. 

During a session of hypnotherapy for depression you can expect;

  • To be taught about the cycle of depression and how to break it
  • To understand the link between depression and serotonin
  • To be shown how to change negative thought patterns and given the ability to lift the lid on black and white thinking
  • An understanding of the basic needs, how they impact on your mood and how to meet them
  • To be given information on how boost the natural feel good chemicals in your body
  • Hypnosis to treat depression, get you sleeping well again and get you and your life back on track 
  • To see a professional who has worked with hundreds of people to get them over depression and off anti depressants

See how Olivia went from being diagnosed with clinical depression to owning 3 successful business in less than 6 months…..

Are you ready to re join the world and feel happy again? Then take the first step to happiness and call now to arrange a session