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How does hypnotherapy work

Have you ever considered how you have learnt to do anything? 

Whether learning to walk or drive a car, when you have learnt how to do something, the action gets stored away in part of the brain as an automatic process.

The same also applies to how you have learnt to cope in situations or emotionally respond to people and situations.

In order to create a change in the way you act, feel and behave, we need to access the part of the brain where that automatic process has been stored – rather like a computer hard drive. 

The way we do this is through the unconscious mind, using hypnosis. Hypnosis is the altered brain wave state that allows us to access the hard drive that is your brain and update it with new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Just in the same way you download an Application or a piece of software to your i phone or lap top.

What can I expect in a session?

Through using a combination of hypnotherapy, solution focused psychotherapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and NLP (neurolinguistic language programming) you can expect the following from a session:

  • Get to the heart of your problem without you having to tell your life story
  • Experience tangible results in the first session 
  • Overcome your issues, often in only 1 to 5 sessions
  • To feel instantly relaxed and calm in your mind and body
  • Re connect you with your own inner resources
  • Provided with expert holistic advice about lifestyle, nutrition and coping skills where relevant
  • Change limiting beliefs about yourself that are holding you back
  • Be taught helpful and practical life skills
  • To smile again and get you back on the right track!

You will also be asked to consider what you would like to achieve through working together; what your goals are, and how you will they know when they have been met.  

For example, if you would like to feel more confident, together we will seek to understand what confidence means to you; how you will notice when you feel more confident; what you will be doing different when you are feeling more confident, what others may notice in you and so on.  

I will also set you tasks to do in-between sessions, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to create change and move you quickly towards your goals.

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