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Free Hypnotherapy Resources

Are you harnessing the power of your mind to it’s true potential?

How Hypnotherapy and EFT can help…..

This page was created to give you the information and resources on hypnotherapy, EFT, medicine, food, drugs and much more to allow you to be enlightened on how alternative therapy works, how it can help you, and the knowledge to make informed decisions about what you put in your body.

As we have highlighted on other pages, Hypnotherapy goes deep into the subconscious mind to break down unhelpful old beliefs and replace them with positive more supportive ones.  You will find lots of useful articles and links below to give you a greater understanding of how this incredible form of therapy could change your life.

Hypnosis articles

Weight Loss

Would you like to lose weight without trying?  Then relax…..this excellent article demonstrates how the body can improve it’s metabolism when it isn’t stressed out, leaving you pounds lighter.

The psychology of eating – relax and burn calories

Free resources

There are some fantastic websites on the internet which point to lots of useful techniques on mindfulness breathing, blogs to help us find our true calling, techniques to calm the mind, detoxes to cleanse the body, remedies to boost energy and vitality and so much more.  I have listed the best of them here…..

Spread happiness around the world with the action for happiness group

Brilliant blogs on everyday well being from Finer Minds

Simple tips for everyday living

Tiny Buddha