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Hypnosis downloads library

The Hypnosis downloads library collection

Mind Body and Soul Collection


Feed yourself what you need at every level of your mind body and soul with this collection. Blending together meditation and hypnosis each session is set against a beautiful backdrop of relaxing music to add to your experience.  

What’s included?

10 Minute Tea Break – This hypnotic session is specifically designed to power you up at all levels in just 10 minutes.  Working like a power nap, it will give your mind and body what you really need to feel refreshed and revitalised.  

Quieten Your Mind – Would you love to flick a switch and calm down your mind? Allow this meditation to do the work for you by quieting your mind.  Particularly effective after a busy day or when you need a break from your thoughts. 

Sleep Deeply – Treat yourself to this bed time hypnosis session by preparing your mind to sleep deeply through the night.

Deep Body Massage – Give yourself a deep body massage with your mind!  Allow your body to relax deeply with this hypnotic massage, allowing you to feel deeply relaxed at all levels.

Connecting With Your Centre – Connect with your centre, sometimes known as the chi point with this guided meditation.  By remaining more centred in your life you will find yourself more grounded, giving you a deeper sense of inner strength and calm. 

Connecting With Your Highest Self – This beautiful guided meditation allows you to connect with the very source within you, your Highest Self.  Very powerful and moving it works to bring you into alignment with your true authentic self.

Buy now: Get the whole collection for just £9.99.  Use the simple and easy pay pal button to purchase your collection today.  Once your payment has been processed via pay pal you will be sent an email with the Mind Body and Soul Collection.

Hypnosis downloads for Mums


People often say that being a Mum is the hardest job of all.  It can leave you with little time for yourself, always at the beck and call of your children and with bags under your eyes that no concealer will cover.  Having worked with so many Mums, this series of hypnosis downloads are dedicated to you!

Let the magic of these hypnotic downloads top up your sleep levels, allow you to escape reality and have a little me time and boost your inner self confidence, leaving you feeling like a new woman.

Top up your sleep in 15 minutes

Mp3 hypnosis to top up your sleep

Scientifically proven, 15 minutes of hypnosis is the equivalent of between 2 and 4 hours sleep.  This is because of the altered brain wave state that we enter into when we are relaxed.  Hypnosis achieves this state by working with your unconscious mind to take you deep into the REM (Rapid eye movement) state, which is the same brain wave state you are in when asleep.

As a Mum sleep is a precious commodity so allow this wonderfully soothing hypnosis download to take you to a place of sheer bliss, allowing both your mind and body to relax deeply while leaving you feeling fully refreshed and rejuvenated.  It also weaves in some wonderful hypnotic suggestions to enhance your confidence.  Feel like a new woman by using this hypnotic download on a regular basis to top up your sleep, boost your energy and give you a spring back in your step.

MP3 Price: £2.99

Delivery: Instant! When your payment is processed via pay pal you will be sent an email containing the mp3 link.

Escape to Paradise


What would it be like if you could escape reality and find your own corner of the Universe to relax in and recharge your batteries?  Cheaper than a British Airways ticket, yet with all the comfort and relaxation of a luxury break.

Escape to your own piece of paradise time and time again from the comfort of your own home.  Ideal for when you need a little “me time” or use just before bedtime to relax your mind and body and send you into a deep and peaceful sleep.

This hypnosis download is full of subliminal language to allow you to feel good about yourself and connect you with the you that you want to be.

MP3 Price : £2.99
Delivery: Instant! When your payment is processed via pay pal you will be sent an email containing the mp3 link. 

Beliefs 4

Becoming a Mum is for many an incredible experience, yet it can also leave a dent in your inner confidence.  That voice of doubt about how good you are as a parent can creep in making you question yourself.  If you are a Mum who has gone on maternity leave from a job, you may feel like you have lost a sense of status or perhaps you have lost a sense of your own identity which has affected your self confidence.

No matter whether you are a new Mum, one with young children, or one who is still doing the football runs, allow yourself to be taken on a journey into the depths of your subconscious mind to boost your inner confidence.

This hypnosis download will weave a magic spell to re connect you with your inner self, allowing you to shine from the inside out.

 MP3 Price : £2.99