Get Out Of Your Head 11

Are you tired of doing battle with yourself?

If you are tired of doing battle with yourself and getting in the way of yourself, I may have a solution for you.

You may have some aspects about yourself or your life that you would like to change, but you keep finding yourself back at square one.

We are often trapped in cycles of thinking and behaviour that seem impossible to break. The more we try, the more life seems like a struggle. We get more and more frustrated! We look around at other people and wonder where are we going wrong. 

In these moments we can experience feelings of failure or inadequacy and no matter how hard we are on ourselves, we remain stuck.

I know because I’ve been there. 

I kept thinking if I just try harder, keep pushing myself, trying to prove myself then I’ll get what I want. While I had experienced success in my business, it was never enough. Nothing was ever enough because I was stuck in a lack mentality constantly comparing myself to other people.

Until one day, I had a profound insight, which set off a healing crisis in my body.

I'm delighted to report that I've had the most productive morning I've had in a long, long time!! This is exactly what my intention was 💥 The word I had in my head was "prolific". I've felt so sluggish and unproductive for a long time. This was the rocket 🚀 I needed. Thank you so much!! 💓

Are You Ready To Say Yes to starting 2024 feeling empowered?

Why this container? With over a decade of working one-on-one with people, the words I hear time and time again are “I wish I’d seen you sooner“.

The truth is many people wander through life without a clear understanding of what is truly possible for them.

They may find themselves picking up the odd self-help book, or tool along the way only to revert to old ways of thinking and being, feeling frustrated and coming to the conclusion it’s just the way they are or that something is wrong with them.

From my own personal experience, and the work I’ve done with hundreds of other people, I know these things to be true….

  • You can bid farewell to those feelings of inadequacy!
  • The past does not dictate your future
  • Innate confidence is an inherent part of you
  • You can break free from old patterns of behaviour
  • Fear , trauma and insecurity can be dissolved and released from the mind and body
  • You can experience a sense of safety and groundedness within your own body
  • You possess the power to approach and deal with situations feeling calm and in control
  • Transforming old stagnant energy into positive liberating energy can be a lot of fun!
  • You can believe in yourself and climb the career ladder or grow your business or achieve your goals
  • You can rediscover happiness!
  • Upgrading your mindset and your identity feels AMAZING!
“For me I would describe the empowerment container as an opportunity to explore how we are living our lives and also to nurture ourselves in growing more of the life we could choose. Sara fills this time in this exploration with a variety of tools and healing modalities alongside working with individuals.
Through sharing and responding to her questions she gives space for new perspectives and understandings in a compassionate and perceptive way.
Her natural vibrancy, warmth perceptiveness create a safe yet dynamic and space.
I would definitely recommend this experience-whilst I had a particular intention I found so much to be connected and had the gift of what felt like revealing my “messiest “parts the most fruitful in terms of insight and growth.
Time spent with Sara and the other participants gave me a very rich productive and life-enhancing experience.” – Georgie

Introducing the Empowerment Container! 🚀

Who is The Empowerment Container For?

The Empowerment Container is for you if you are looking for a springboard to leap into 2024 feeling empowered!  You are ready to shake off the old skin of self-doubt, and insecurity and value who you are.

If you are stuck in a victim or lack mentality, are holding onto anger or resentment and you want to change that and be empowered about making positive changes in your life.

You are caught in a comparison trap and want to break free and start celebrating who you are.

You keep getting in the way of yourself and look at ‘what is’ in your life and instead want to start seeing what’s possible for you

You want to drop ‘I want, I wish, I need, I can’t and I hope and speak a language of I create, I have, I choose, I can, I love

If you are caught in old patterns of behaviour and thinking that don’t serve you, are holding you back and you want to set yourself free from those.

If you would love to deep dive into the mind, and the energetics and make a quantum leap in your life, I’m ready to receive you! 

Within The Empowerment Container, I’ll blend a potent combination of coaching, deep healing energy work, quantum flow and dynamic visualisation to enable you to achieve your goals and intentions for 2024.

The power of change comes from consistency, and each week you’ll be plugging into your intentions and energetically aligning them with me as your guide.

People in the 2023 Container experienced extraordinary results!.  I firmly believe that anything is possible, but to make it a reality, you must commit to inner growth and transformation.


What To Expect During The Empowerment Container

During the 8-week journey, you will experience a powerful combination of change techniques and healing modalities which I have been using with clients for over a decade to create lasting change.  This potent recipe will work its magic to enable you to create your intentions.

These include…

😗 Breathwork – Rewire your Central Nervous System with powerful breathwork

🫶🏻 The MAP Method – Unlock your Superconscious Mind’s potential to release trauma, let go of the past, and create empowering thought structures and beliefs to shape the life YOU want

💫 Quantum Flow – Experience the incredible heart-opening power of Quantum Flow to condition the body to a new mind

🙌🏼 EFT Tapping – Harness the power of Energy Psychology to release emotions that are holding you back

🤩 Dynamic Visualisation – What the mind can conceive, it CAN achieve 🤩

💥 Laser Coaching – Get full access to me with over a decade of experience transforming lives

DALL·E 2023 12 21 10.47.12 An Image Of A White 40 Year Old Woman Walking Out Of A Life Coaching Session Feeling Empowered. She Has A Confident Smile And A Look Of Determination

Along side this you will also gain insights and understanding into the following, equipping you with the knowledge and wisdom to support you following The Empowerment Container;

  • Uncover the Root of All Suffering: Explore the profound origins of suffering and gain insights into how to alleviate it.
  • Harness Your Inner Potential for Insight: Discover your innate capacity for deep insight and self-realization.
  • Empower Yourself Against Ego’s Influence: Learn to identify when your ego is in control and regain your personal power.
  • Access Your True Nature: Gain the knowledge and wisdom to tap into your true nature and authenticity.
  • Master Your Moment-to-Moment Experience: Understand the factors shaping your current experiences.
  • Demystify the Illusion of Thought: Uncover the true nature of your thoughts and their impact on your life.
  • Overcome Self-Sabotage: Learn strategies to stop hindering your own progress and success.
  • Craft Your Own Reality: Discover the art of shaping and creating your desired reality.
  • Reveal Your True Identity: Embark on a journey to uncover the truth of who you really are – and not who you think you are
  • Navigate Life Challenges: Develop skills to face life’s challenges with increased ease and resilience.
  • Embody Desired Feelings: Learn to embody the emotions you wish to experience more frequently.
  • Tap into Unshakeable Confidence and Self-Belief: Unlock the power of your innate confidence and self-assuredness.


How to secure your place

Our journey begins on Wednesday, 7th February 2024 and spans 8 transformative weeks. 🕐

💥 Each Container is held live online where you’ll dive into a 90-minute group intensive (7.00 pm to 8.30 pm GMT). 

“For the first time in my adult life. I saved some of my own spending money and didn’t spend it all 😱😱😱 I cannot believe it and just feel so proud of myself” 

Don’t settle for the path of least resistance!

“I can’t believe how much my perception has changed about money. It’s like a lightbulb has come on and I realize that saving money will ensure I am safe and secure. The biggest change is my desire to buy a house has just propelled into the stratosphere! I have never felt so determined. I feel absolutely powerful and in total control.”



The 8 week Empowerment Container is £599 plus VAT

You also receive a one-hour one to one coaching session with me during the container

To secure your place email