3 steps to using intentions to create your day

3 steps to using intentions to create your day

Last weekend I set the intention that I would walk into the first shop I came to, find the perfect pair of knee high boots I wanted, in my size and my price range. Sure enough, the first shop I came to there they were.

Costing a little more than I would normally have paid for a pair of boots, these boots had £45.00 off them, meaning I snapped them up.  I wanted to tell the sales assistant that I had manifested these boots, but I thought she may call security so I decided to keep quiet!

I then realised I was running late and my on line food shopping was due to be delivered at any moment. Again I set the intention that the delivery guy would appear with my shopping just after I got home. He did.

Today I tried to book a table for Saturday night on line for one of Edinburgh’s top restaurants. Computer said no. So I set the intention that I would call them direct instead and they would have a table for 3 people for the time I want. They did.

Now you may be reading this thinking ‘yeah yeah, that’s all luck’. Whether it’s luck or using the power of intention to get what you want, does it really matter if it works?

I remember when I first got introduced to setting intentions. Being a very practical woman, I took a while getting my head around what it actually meant. The conversation went something like;

Me: “So you are telling me I just need to send a message, using my mind, out to the Universe asking for what I want and I will get it?”

Friend: “Yep”

Me “Do I have to use any specific words to make it work?”

Friend “No. Let’s say you always want a seat on the train to work. Then every morning before you make your way to the train station just send out the intention that you will get a seat on the train”

Me “And this works on anything?”

Friend “Yes. Parking spaces, seats, flight bookings, items of clothing, job offers the list really is endless. The only thing you have to remember is that you will always get what you intend. But you have to believe you will receive it and have no attachment to it coming to you. So if you set the intention for something you really really want but you are subconsciously sending out a message saying ‘I won’t get it’, then guess what….”

Me “You won’t get it”

Friend “Exactly”

Naturally I decided to put this into practice! So I decided to start with something small that I had absolutely no attachment to. By attachment I mean, I could easily let go of the outcome of it coming to me.

So I set the intention that in the next 48 hours I would see white butterflies everywhere. Easy you may think. It was December. So I was more likely to see Father Christmas than white butterflies. But sure enough over the following 48 hours I saw white butterflies. They were on lamp shades, they were on the back of a note book I bought, and believe it or not, they were outside my window at home.

Since then I have moved on from white butterflies and upped the anti! Now I’ll be honest, I don’t always get it right! But what I have learned is that when I really want something and start doubting I will get it, then you guessed it, I don’t get it.

Rather than getting upset about this, I use it as a way to see that I have a block of some description between me and what I want that I need to work on.  I may use EFT (emotional freedom technique) to clear the block or use one of the Abraham Hicks ways of raising my vibration so that I can come into alignment with what I want.

Start to consciously create your day using your intentions with this simple 3 step process;

Step one:  Ask for what you want!  Yes I know this may sound simple, but unless you ask, the Universe can’t deliver to you what you want.  In the same way you would tap into the internet the make, model and size when purchasing something on line, the same applies to your intentions. For example ‘today I make it my intention to see red BMW’s every where I go’ (try it!).

Step two:  Let the intention go.  Like a Gardner who plants seeds in the fertile soil, he doesn’t go back every day to see if they are growing.  He trusts in Mother Nature to do her thing and make the plants grow.

Step three:  Believe.  If you have read the Secret or the Law of Attraction, you will already know your thoughts create your reality.  You will know that everything is energy and matter is nothing and you can attract anything into your life.  Trouble is, you don’t fully believe it!.  Especially if you think you have been ‘asking’ for a long time and are still waiting for your stuff to show up.  Too often as humans we have to see, taste or touch something before we believe it.  But there are things that in the past you have instinctively known haven’t there?  You have got a ‘sense’ of something.  Like getting a ‘sense’ to go a different way to work, only to find out later the way you normally would have travelled there was a broken down train and long delays.  That’s your intuition at work.  So in the same way that you can trust your intuition, there’s already part of you that knows you can ask and you will receive.  So start asking and get ready to receive!


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