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Do you experience any of the following?

  • Waking up feeling exhausted?
  • Constant negative thinking?
  • Difficultly calming your mind and switching off?
  • Feel powerless?
  • Low self esteem?
  • Feeling you have lost your zest for life?
  • No interest in your usual activities or hobbies?
  • What’s the point type thinking and feeling?
  • Problems with your gut health?

If you have recently gone through a difficult time in your life, such as being made redundant, bereavement or a relationship break up for example, then it is natural to feel any number of emotions. These may include sadness, loneliness, hurt, loss, grief, anger, despair, worry, or hopelessness.

You may feel a general loss of motivation and become emotionally detached.

When you experience feeling this way it’s easy to put a label on things and think you are depressed. However there is a difference between depression and being depressed.


Depression is a strong emotion. When you are caught in a sustained state of high emotional arousal, it is difficult to put your problems into context. Your mind starts to ruminate, making it impossible to switch off.

The longer you remain in this state of mind, you become drained, and you withdraw from life and the things you once enjoyed. You see the world through very black and white lenses.


Mind set plays a big factor in why some people get depressed and others don’t.

Depression isn’t always events driven. Nutrition and physical health also play a crucial role.

There is a now a growing amount of research that connects depression to gut health. Around 95% of serotonin, the neurotransmitter, which regulates your mood, libido, motivation, energy and manages your pain receptors, is created in the gut. If your gut health is poor and inflamed because of your diet, this impacts your bodies ability to produce serotonin.

Don't allow depression to hold you back! Find your inner happiness and take back you life!

How to break the cycle of depression

A powerful combination of Solution Focused Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and EFT Tapping can enable you to leave depression behind and move towards a brighter future.

Through working together you can expect;

  • To be taught about the cycle of depression and how to break it
  • Understand the link between serotonin and depression
  • How to change any black and white view of the world
  • To understand the Human Givens Model of Basic Needs and how to meet yours
  • Hypnosis, EFT Tapping and Psychotherapy to relieve the depression and enable you to move forward in your life
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