Why do I always think the worst?

Why do I always think the worst?

Have you ever found yourself thinking the worst? Like thinking ‘worst case scenario’?

When I ask clients why they do this, their answer varies from ‘at least then I won’t be disappointed when the worst happens’ to ‘I will be prepared if something doesn’t go right or to plan’.
I also find out how far in advance they start to worry about the worst happening and ‘rehearsing’ in their mind all the things that can go wrong.

The answer is usually about two weeks.

That’s a whole two weeks of tying yourself up in knots on the premise that something might go wrong. A whole two weeks of draining your body of energy, sleepless nights, not being able to focus, not being present when you are with your family or friends.

So why don’t you expect the best to happen instead?

Through a lifetime’s worth of events your brain actually learns what to expect. Its like you have hypnotised yourself to think worst case scenario, and each time you do the circuits in the brain get more and more hard wired. So you see it’s less about thinking worst-case scenario, and more about setting up the worst to happen!

This short video by Dr. Joe Dispenza gives you a brilliant insight about how you train your brain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AE2j43LcR4

The mind is the most powerful resource you have and will ever have; so how about using it to train your brain to expect the best to happen?

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality, meaning that you can rehearse, imagine and visualise future events going well.  Imagine being offered the job you want; a conversation or meeting going well; your journey to somewhere being seamless – anything you want a positive outcome to.

See everything in your mind in high definition – allow yourself to really feel what it will be like when what you want happens.  
The more you practice this, the more you are physically re wiring your brain to
expect the best and then who knows what you will create in your life!

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