Self Sabotage – 2 little words with 1 big meaning

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Self Sabotage – 2 little words with 1 big meaning

Self sabotage. Two little words yet when put together have one big meaning.

Self sabotage is the reason we end up eating half a packet of biscuits when we only wanted one. Self sabotage is the reason why we find reasons to end perfectly good relationships. Self sabotage is the reason why we never manage to stick to those New Year resolutions. That we think ‘sod it’ and finish the bottle of wine or the bar of chocolate.

Self sabotage is the reason why time and time again we ping back to old patterns of behaviour.

We set out with the best of intentions that ‘this time’ things will be different. We feel positive.  We feel full of confidence.  But something happens along the way and we find ourselves re living our past over and over again.  You would think that we would get bored with it but sooner or later we find ourselves in the staring role once again!

Why do we self sabotage? Answer, our inner limiting beliefs.

We all have beliefs about ourself or the world.  They can be anything from ‘not being good enough’ to ‘the world is an unsafe place’ to ‘I’m worthless’ and so on.

Beliefs are formed before the age of 6 and get ‘locked in’.  They then act as the basis of how we behave later in life.  For example, if you formed a belief that you would always be on your own, you may find yourself pushing people away.  You may find yourself ending relationships.  You may do everything on your own, not accepting help from others.

If on the other hand you formed a belief that you’re not good enough, any chance that crossed your path to shine you would find a reason to self sabotage.  Instead you find evidence to keep feeding the belief you aren’t good enough.

Any action we take that is in conflict to our inner beliefs will cause us to self sabotage in order to keep the belief running.

Our beliefs are hard to simply ‘let go’ consciously because they are usually attached to fear.  They are in a strange way, a form of protection, a way to keep us safe.  Yet they are limiting, because they were formed at the time based on perception.

Unless we get to the root of the belief, when it was formed and change it an unconscious level, then we will keep repeating history.

Having worked with hundreds of people to uncover their core beliefs and change them I find the most powerful way of getting to the root cause is though EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) and Matrix Re-imprinting.  Both techniques fall in the field of ‘energy psychology‘ and have only been around for a short period of time.  However more and more people are using them as a way to literally transform their lives.

Both EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting allow us to start with a feeling or a pattern of behaviour that we want to change and literally ‘tap’ into when that belief was first formed.  People are amazed at the results because they stumble across memories pre dating before they were 6 years old, that they have no conscious awareness of, but are clearly able to see the decision they made unconsciously at the time based on an experience.

To find out more about how I can help you to re write your past and transform your future through changing your beliefs email me at [email protected]



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