What is my lifes purpose?

What is my lifes purpose?

‘What is my lifes purpose?’….a question I am sure many of you have pondered. However it’s easier to ignore the question and get busy with life than it is to go on some big soul searching venture to find your lifes purpose. That’s what I used to think anyway. Finding my lifes purpose seemed like mission impossible and I was afraid that even if I found out my life’s purpose, there may be other reasons out there why I couldn’t fulfil it, which would make life seem even worse. So I buried the question deep in the depths of my mind and filled my time with work and seeing friends and red wine.

Trouble is, despite burying the question, it’s akin to Gollum in Lord of the Rings. Always hiding in the shadows making you feel uncomfortable. The more you focus on what you ‘should’ be doing with your life the less congruent you feel with your life. That’s how I felt. Having done my degree in Human Resources I felt I ‘should’ remain in the profession and work my way up the ladder. My story had become one of ‘I work in HR’….it said nothing about me, who I was, what I was passionate about.

Four years ago a series of events including breaking up with a long term boyfriend, moving to Australia for a short period of time and returning to start my life over, created a wave of change in my life.  It didn’t happen over night.  It was subtle change, but it felt like the Universe was highlighting a new pathway for me and never before had I felt the desire to follow it as I did then.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” 
Eleanor Roosevelt

I still clearly remember the time when I had a choice between continuing to work in HR or to set up my own business. Funnily enough, the decision was an easy one. The desire to take my new found knowledge back into the corporate world and knowing the difference it would make was one I couldn’t ignore. The idea of doing something new and different was exhilarating. The more I learned about the mind and how it worked, the less HR held any appeal. Try getting passionate about employment law and grievance procedures!

It was easy for me to get passionate about running my own business, being in control of the agenda, doing what I wanted.  It felt real. It felt like I was following a calling, my lifes purpose. The idea of going back to work in HR filled me with a sense of heaviness. The idea of running my own business filled me with unprecedented energy. Running my own business was something I had never contemplated before but now it felt possible. It felt soulful. The money I was used to earning in the corporate world didn’t seem important anymore compared with this opportunity to be free to do something I genuinely loved and was fascinated by. I had already seen a number of people as ‘clients’ when I was training in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and could see the tangible difference I could make to peoples lives, which was a huge buzz. Four years later and I haven’t lost that buzz.

Every client is different and working out what’s going on under the surface for them is like puzzle and one I never get bored of solving.

How do I know if I have found my lifes purpose? Because of the way it feels. When I am working with people in this way I feel in true alignment with who I am. I feel congruent. I feel this is what I was meant to do, all the way down to the very heart of me.

Will my life purpose change? I am sure it will. We are constantly evolving. But now instead of hiding from the question I look forward to where the answer could lead me in this wonderful tapestry of life.

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