How to start 2016 the best way you can

How to start 2016 the best way you can

With the end of 2015 just one day away, this can be a great time to really reflect on what the year has been like for you before hot footing it into 2016.  

It’s at this time of year I take out my journal, get under my blanket with a cuppa (I know I sound like I am 90!) and go through a ritual to close off the year properly.

Taking time to look back at the year can help to provide greater clarity on what you have learnt and what you want the New Year to be about.
In doing the exercise, you may feel a little disheartened that the year hasn’t been all that you wanted it to be.  That’s OK, you can use this time to really examine why that may have been the case and what it is you need to do differently next year to make sure you achieve what you want to achieve.
To start 2016 in the best way you can, then I’d invite you to grab a pen, get your journal or a few pieces of paper and ask yourself the following questions….

What life lessons did I learn in 2015?
What did I achieve in 2015?
I know myself now more because…..
I love myself now more because…..
I let go of….
I am happy because….
The thing I discovered most about myself was…..
2015 led me to…..
I am proud of myself because…..
What am I grateful for in 2015?

Now welcome in 2016 by asking yourself the following….
What do I want to experience 2016 as?
What do I most want to give myself in 2016?
In 2016 I promise myself I will…..
2016 will be the year that…..
What will be different about 2016?

To ensure that you do achieve what you would like to I would recommend keeping a regular journal and reminding yourself of your promises for 2016.  It can be easy to think ‘I’ll start tomorrow’, but then tomorrow comes and goes and before you know it, you are in April!
You may also want to write your promises out somewhere you can see them on a daily basis, or set a reminder in your phone to go off at a certain time.  I decided in 2016 I want to feel strong, alive and sure (SAS!), especially as I am running the Edinburgh marathon! So I have set a reminder in my calendar go off at certain times to remind my subconscious mind to feel those things.  I may not need the reminder, but its there as a gentle nudge if I do.

Let 2016 be your best year yet and I wish you a very happy, healthy and wonderful year x

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