How to lift the Monday blues (and other things)

How to lift the Monday blues (and other things)

‘I’m alright, for a Monday‘.  Those were the words spoken by the young woman at my bank yesterday.

I turned to her and said ‘why do people say that?’.  

She half laughed, shrugged her shoulders and then asked me if I was busy today. At this point I decided not to ask her why people always asked that question too…

Leaving the bank I found myself wondering, not for the first time, how aware people are of how their language and words impacts their state of mind and general happiness.

Like the clerk at the bank you can choose to feel glum because it’s Monday. Or you can choose to feel great and look forward to a brand new week. If you need a helping hand in shifting your mood, here are 3 easy ways to feel happier on a Monday in an instant…

1.  Ask yourself ‘what’s the best version of myself I want to be right now‘.  Asking that question allows you to interrupt the thoughts circling around in your mind that are feeding how you feel.  You recognise ‘hey I have a choice about how I want to feel’.  If you don’t want to feel aggravated and wound up, ask yourself what do you want to be?  I find it even more powerful to physically go and stand in the new version of myself. It feels like I am actually standing in that new energy.

2.  Put on music and move your body.  When you are experiencing feeling less than positive, you have got yourself into a trance like state.  Your focus of attention is glued to the way you feel.  So in the words of Florence and the Machine, shake it out.  Music raises your energy and your emotional vibration.  Moving to music gets your lymphatic system going and endorphins pumping around your body.  A few minutes bouncing about to your favourite tune will really help to lift you to a better feeling place.

3.  Tap it out.  When negative thoughts and feelings come together, sometimes you need super hero powers to shift them.  That’s where tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) comes in. This incredibly simple technique has the power of a super hero in releasing the negative energy you feel often in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.  Learn more about how to tap on these introductory free videos.

The more you make conscious choices to feel better, the more you will experience feeling good every day of the week, no matter whether it’s Monday and raining or Saturday and sunny!

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