Feel the fear and do it anyway

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Feel the fear and do it anyway.  All very well and good but if you are bricking it, your natural instinct is to do one, not feel the fear and do it anyway.

However sometimes something happens to us, which allows us to see and experience the world differently.  The experience shines a new perspective on life and gives us a sense of courage and strength to do things that before hand we may have shied away from.

For me personally that was loosing my dear friend Daniel to cancer at the age of 37.  Daniel had been larger than life.  Over 300 people attended his funeral, which gives you a sense of how amazing this man was and how many people’s lives he had touched in some way.

People often say that even in a crisis people can find strength.  That was true for me.  As heartbroken as I was that he had joined the great party in the sky, it gave me a determination to live the life I wanted, my way.  That started with me following my dreams and setting up my own business.

Three years on, not content with creating a great wave of change in my life by going self employed, I recently moved my life from one end of the County to another.

“Why?” is a question I am faced with often from people.  My response “Why not?”.

My response receives mixed reviews.  I look into the eyes of some people and see a look of admiration reflected back at me.  Others I see a glimmer of hope.  The hope telling them that if I can do something as radical as that, so can they.  Yet for others I see pure fear.

These of course are the people who tell me “that’s a big move” or ask “what will I do for money and clients?”.  I simply smile at these people because I can see what they are doing.  They are projecting their own fears.  They are unwittingly trying to make me feel the fear, to make themselves feel better.

Yes it was a big move.  463 miles to be precise.  But when you lose someone you love, it creates a contrast in your life.  So when I feel fear, Daniel floats into my mind as if on cue, reminding me to just feel the fear and do it anyway, because the fear is only ever in my own mind.

If you feel you need help working through some blocks you are experiencing at the moment, or if you feel something has been stirred up reading this you need support, Sara can work with you 1 to 1 or over Skype to help you move forward with your life. Email her at sara@saramaudehypnotherapy.com to make an appointment.

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